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Limberios family appeals to trustees, Baxter

Register • Apr 25, 2013 at 1:15 PM

Mike and Shannon Limberios have turned to Margaretta Township trustees and Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter hoping to stop Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry from exhuming their son's body for a second time from a Castalia cemetery. 

They sent a letter to trustees, Baxter and the Ransom Funeral Home on Tuesday after a judge ruled that he could not stop Henry. 

"Dean Henry, the special prosecutor in the civil case, as well as the criminal case has stated that he has two medical experts who feel it is necessary for second autopsy. Yet he is unwilling to disclose who those experts are or why they feel it is necessary,"  Mike and Shannon Limberios wrote. "It seems as though Dean Henry is in charge of all decision, with no checks and balances. Who does Mr. Henry answer to?"

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The cemetery is owned by Margaretta Township and the Limberios family hopes local officials can stop Henry from digging up Jacob until he can show a second autopsy is necessary. 

The family contends Henry's role as both prosecutor and defense counsel is a conflict of interest that renders him unable to properly investigate Jacob Limberios' death on March 2, 2012.

Sandusky County officials also destroyed evidence, failed to retrieve evidence from the scene and refused previously to order an autopsy. They also have refused to test tissue samples from an autopsy the family contracted months after Jacob was killed.

Sandusky County sheriff's deputies also have conducted multiple interviews with multiple witnesses, in some instances commenting in great detail on the investigation but continuing to withhold public documents related to it.

Sandusky County judges Barbara Ansted and John Dewey appointed Henry as special prosecutor in February in an unusual ruling without a case number and with specific conflicts of their own. They have refused to clarify the appointment or take any action on the question of Henry's conflict, or their own.

Judges Ansted and Dewey also have declined to address an allegation that Sandusky County court administrator Brock Kimmet improperly met with a key witness during a break in a deposition of the witness in February. Limberios family attorney Dan McGookey contends the meeting was improper and Kimmet spoke with the witness about her testimony. 

Sandusky County officials have declined to ask for an independent investigation.

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