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New cancer cluster testing at Whirlpool park set

Matt Westerhold • Apr 23, 2013 at 12:32 PM

“The Ohio EPA has approved Whirlpool’s comprehensive plan for the investigation of soil, surface water, stream sediment, fill materials, soil piles, and ground water in the affected areas,” the company said in a statement Monday. “Using the latest available technologies, approximately 360 samples will be taken on the property, with 220 individual chemical constituents typically tested in each sample. The plan meets all Ohio Voluntary Action Program requirements and was developed with guidance from the U.S. EPA.”

The release continued: “This extensive testing program is the next step in our effort to learn as much as we can about the health questions that are being raised in Clyde. We expect to begin taking samples in mid to late May.”

Updates are available at whirlpoolforclyde.com, company officials said. Check out the Register’s coverage of the Cancer Cluster and the Whirlpool Park developments at sanduskyregister.com. 

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