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Cracked sidewalks irritate neighbors

Andy Ouriel • Apr 22, 2013 at 12:08 PM

Check back here later today for the city's master list of bad sidewalks. 

Sidewalks lining Gartland Avenue appear disjointed, as if an earthquake rumbled beneath the surface and uprooted portions of a once-flat pathway.

It's impossible for someone to push a baby stroller or glide a wheelchair across the track without toppling over or detouring into the street.

Even people walking on two feet might feel as if they're hiking when stepping above jagged concrete.

"They need to replace these sidewalks," Gartland Avenue resident Nick Pasqualini said. "If they don't, the city is just opening itself up for a lawsuit. They have been aware of this problem for years."

Former city officials vowed to Pasqualini they'd smooth out the sidewalk in 2009.

In fact, about 40 other uneven, unlevel sidewalks throughout Sandusky are also on a list to receive improvements, according to a public document the Register obtained.

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But fiscal crunches — underlined by a 5 percent drop in the city's budget, decreasing from $17 million in 2010 to $16 million this year — forced present city officials to delay many of these resurfacing projects.

"At this time, the city takes care of city property as resources permit," city manager Nicole Ard wrote in an email. "It would be wonderful if resources became available to address them."

Funding shortfalls, however, isn't an excuse neighbors want to hear.

"A mail delivery person would tell you how dangerous it is," said Bob McCormick, a West Monroe Street resident who frequently strolls down many streets on the city sidewalk improvement list. "When it snows, you can't see the sidewalks. I'm surprised someone hasn't been injured or sued."

Pasqualini blames city officials for planting streets on the narrow boulevard adjacent to Gartland Avenue's sidewalks.

"This street was supposed to be resurfaced but look at the sidewalks," Pasqualini said. "It's never been done."

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