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Limberios tissue sample never tested

Register • Apr 9, 2013 at 12:43 PM

But the Register has confirmed they never sent the tissue sample to the Lucas County coroner's office after picking it up from Dr. Cyril Wecht, who performed an autopsy in September under contract with the Limberios family. County officials had steadfastly refused to order an autopsy previous to that. 

"As of this date, my office has not received a request to do a second autopsy on Mr Limberios, nor have we received any tissue samples," Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia S. Beisser said. "Our office policy is to refer questions about out-of-county cases to the Coroner who has requested the autopsy.  If and when we receive a request for an autopsy on Mr. Limberios, we will follow that policy.

Special prosecutor Dean Henry, who is also serving as the defense counsel for county officials, indicated previously the sample would be tested, but he has declined to answer questions about the status of the sample for several weeks. Wecht contends that stippling evident in the sample represents "incontrovertible evidence" that Jacob Limberios was not holding the gun when he was shot and killed March 2, 2012. Wecht, who has been a county coroner in Pennsylvania for decades, ruled Jacob's death a homicide. 


County officials are maintaining that Limberios committed suicide, although it might have been an accident, a ruling Wecht has called "oxymoronic."

Despite the previous refusal to order an autopsy, on Monday Dean sent notice that county coroner John Wukie is ordering a second exhumation of Jacob Limberios' body so that a second autopsy could be conducted.  

The Limberios family is opposing the order awaiting more information why a second autopsy is necessary. Dean previously suggested the value of a second autopsy was questionable. He has declined to offer an explanation for the change in his thinking, or say whether the tissue sample has been held or destroyed. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios will be the guests at 2 p.m. today on "Between the Lines Live" at sanduskyregister.com reacting to Dean's decision to seek a second exhumation. The program will be available for demand viewing later today.    

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