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You said it in Huron

Jessica Cuffman • Apr 6, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Following the Huron school board’s 3-2 decision to fire superintendent Fred Fox, the Register posed this question to a handful of Huron residents: Are you concerned the school board’s decision to fire Fred Fox is going to cost the district too much money?

“I’m very concerned about it. It was advised they should put him back to work. ... As far as I can see, they’re probably jealous of the woman and were making a big deal out of a few bucks. My opinion is, they made a mistake.”  — Gregory Sheets, 68, Huron


“I hadn’t thought about it much. I hope it doesn’t affect my pocketbook.” — Virginia Parisi, 78, Huron


“My kids are out of school, but it’s a sad situation for the city. There will be more money involved, I’m sure.” —Barbara Vance, 66, Huron


“I know we’re in a heap of trouble. I’m concerned about what it’s going to do to the budget of the school. If he did something wrong, he should walk away from it and let it be. The community and the kids don’t deserve to be the pawns in all this.” — Linda Riggle, 71, Huron


“To a certain point, I think (the board) did (right). But it wasn’t anybody’s business but his. If you look at Perkins and Huron, we’re in better shape than they are. Fred Fox wasn’t doing too bad.”

— Amy Palmison, 30, Huron


“Those three board members should be out the door. They’re taking taxpayer money away from educating the kids. It’s very disturbing.” — Gene Palinski, 84, Huron


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