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Wireless 911 has loose ends

Andy Ouriel • Apr 2, 2013 at 2:25 PM

In 2011, after years of delays and glitches, Erie County officials finally pushed the "ON" button to fire up their wireless 911 system.

The program is now running at about 80 percent, in that dispatchers can track the location of about four of every five people who use a cell phone to call 911. For about 20 percent of cell phone calls, however, 911 dispatchers cannot trace the location.

Data from the Erie County Sheriff's Office also shows an increasing number of people are using cell phones to call 911, as opposed to landlines. In 2005, 911 dispatchers fielded about 20,700 calls placed from landlines; last year, only about 10,800 people called in from landlines.

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