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Suspended workers collect paychecks

Andy Ouriel • Mar 30, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Students fail classes when they’re banned from school for mischievous behavior.

Professional athletes don’t receive their salaries when facing repercussions for temper tantrums or breaking the rules.

So why do public employees still manage to pull in a paycheck when they’re suspended for alleged wrongdoing?  

Because state law says they can.

Since 2008, public workers employed by four local governments collectively obtained $62,000 while on paid administrative leave, according to a Register analysis of financial data obtained through public records requests.

In addition to paid leave, some employees get back pay after disciplinary action. 

Get today's Register to find out who collected, how much it cost and get a Q&A with officials who responded to requests for their points-of-view, including:  

• Erie County Juvenile Court Judge Robert DeLamatre

• Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar

• Sandusky acting police Chief John Orzech

• Huron city manager Andy White

• Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities superintendent Carrie Beier

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