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Catawba Island crew brews beers

Matt Westerhold • Mar 2, 2013 at 9:17 AM

Native Catawba Island resident Mike Roder and longtime islander Shad Gunderson partnered to make a reality of what most men can only dream about — owning a brewery.

Joining them to form the Catawba Island Brewing Co. is Shad’s wife, Cindy Gunderson, and longtime family friend Steve Busby.

“Every person who has brewed their own beer has had that thought,” Roder said. “This is exciting. It’s what I have wanted to do.”

The time has come to bring a year-round brewery to the area, Shad said.

“I think the area needs this,” he said. “There are craft brewers, but they’re seasonal.”

Roder wrote up the company’s business plan, finding area banks cautiously optimistic about the brewery.


Click here for the e*Paper or buy a Register at a newsstand near you to learn more about the beer brands at the Catawba Island Brewing Co.

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