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Stick with your New Year's fitness goals

Jessica Cuffman • Jan 6, 2013 at 3:07 PM

Every January, gym owners expect to see an influx of new memberships as people try to keep well-intended New Year's resolutions.

But what is the key to actually sticking to it?

Gym owners say new members who attend regularly and push through the first month of training are more likely to find success.

New gym members should expect the first month to be tough, with persistent soreness in muscles they haven't used in a while, said Don Bozicevich, owner of Health and Strength Gym at 1176 Cleveland Road.

"You get people who come in, have set goals and want to achieve them," he said. "They're motivated, they have the desire."

The first month is always the hardest, especially for someone who hasn't been active at all.

"Stick with it. You will feel better. Your activity will be easier. You'll have more energy," he said.

But what is the key to actually sticking with it?

Pick up Sunday's edition of the Register to see what gym owners have to say and other Register readers' New Year's resolutions.


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