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Sandusky man faces serious charges in home invasion

Sandusky Register Staff • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Police arrested Takye Fenderson, of the 2000 block of Foxborough Circle, within minutes of the late-night robbery.

At least two other suspects remain at large.

More disturbing, a Sandusky police report shows there was also an armed robbery in the 600 block of East Monroe St. just two hours prior to the Perry Street incident.    

For his alleged part in the home invasion, Fenderson was charged with complicity to kidnapping; aggravated robbery; felonious assault; complicity to aggravated burglary; complicity to disrupting public services; complicity to theft of the elderly; tampering with evidence; and obstructing official business.   

He remains in the Erie County jail on $125,000 bond.

Police believe the home invasion was an attempted robbery.

One man and two women were inside the home, in the 200 block of Perry St., when at about 10:30 p.m. three men stormed the house.

At least one of the robbers had a weapon, and only later did officers discover it was an air pistol handgun that looked exactly like a .45-caliber automatic.    

The robbers brutally beat 67-year-old Robert Garrett, throwing him through a glass door and yanking away his cell phone when he tried to call 911, police said.

Dispatchers and police initially thought it was a medical call, but when officers arrived they spotted four men running from the scene.

One of the men was Garrett, fleeing the attack.

Officers quickly caught Fenderson and found the air pistol handgun in a nearby yard. They searched into the early morning for the other two suspects, to no avail.  

About two hours before the home invasion, East Monroe Street resident Brian Grace, 36, called police and said three men tried to rob him while he was sitting in his parked car.

One of the men pointed a rifle at him and said, "Give it up, give up the money," a police report said.

Grace told police he pushed gun's barrel aside and fled on foot. The suspects chased him briefly before giving up, the report said.     

In addition to these two incidents, there were three other violent robberies in the Sandusky area in the past week.

It's still unknown if Fenderson or his alleged cohorts — as yet unidentified — played a role in these other incidents.    

On Oct. 11, two men robbed a convenience store clerk near Pioneer Trail when she was taking out the garbage. The men stole $300 and the woman's jacket.  

On Oct. 10, two men robbed a 35-year-old Green Springs woman as she was headed out to her car on East Adams Street.  

On Tuesday morning, two men robbed a 19-year-old Sandusky man as he was walking along the tracks. The assailants beat the man unconscious and stole his backpack, which contained a Mountain Dew, a set of headphones and a set of keys.     


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