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Alternative sentence for man who assaulted nursing home worker

Associated Press • Oct 6, 2012 at 9:56 AM

Court records show Martin Hogan, 78, pleaded no contest to a single count of assault in July. He initially pleaded not guilty.

On June 12, Hogan grabbed Parkvue Health Care Center employee Collette Yontz’s hand and clamped down. The assault happened while Yontz worked with another nurse to lift Hogan’s wife, a nursing home client, into a bed.

Yontz told police Hogan wouldn’t let go of her, and she had to physically removed his hand.  

After the Register reported on the incident, calls streamed in from residents on both sides.

Members from Hogan’s church described him as a “professional gentleman” devoted to his ailing wife. They said the whole thing was ridiculous.  

Others, including nursing home employees, said it wasn’t the first time Hogan had a run-in with staff.  

After he pleaded to the charge in July, a judge sentenced  Hogan to 75 days of diversion. In other words, the assault charge will disappear from his record as long as he doesn’t get in trouble before his sentence expires.

Hogan paid $92 in court costs and $50 a month for diversion program fees.

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