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Opinion: Sandusky police video shows good effort

Anonymous • Sep 28, 2012 at 4:29 PM

*See videos of the arrest here and here. 

We're confident the emerging leadership of the department will look at how the arrest was executed in a proper manner, and what might not have been a perfect about it. There might even be a question as to whether the police should have called off the chase because the danger it created, but we're also confident the police officers who responded did the best they could and will learn from the experience how to better serve residents. There's a fine line between necessary restraint and excessive force. In this case, it appears to us the officers did not cross that line.

In the end, police got their man and we're not too uncomfortable with how they did it. In fact, if we had been on the scene with those officers as civilians, some of us very well might have wanted to punch Recio in the nose for his irresponsible and criminal behavior that created a dangerous and deadly situation for everyone.


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