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Man not tired of art

Melissa Topey • Apr 15, 2012 at 3:39 PM

(UPDATED with video) A man who never took an art class in his life makes creative works of art out of trash.

Darrel Goff, 63, is not one to sit around. He worked for 37 years before retiring from Port Clinton's U.S. Gypsum plant. After that he took a job delivering a company's interoffice mail.

Then one day Goff walked out to his garage and saw three used tires sitting there. He remembered something from his childhood and began experimenting.

A bird formed, and a new hobby cut its way into Goff's life. He now crafts different types of birds and baskets out of tires, giving beauty to something hard to dispose of.

"I put one out on my lawn, and my neighbor saw it and wanted one, so I made it. Then another neighbor wanted one," Goff said.

The hobby that started in his Hinde Avenue neighborhood took flight as word about the birds spread and vendors started asking Goff to bring the tire birds to their craft shows.

"I did not think they would sell around here, but people want them. Things have just gone crazy."

Read more about Goff's aviation creations in Sunday's Register.

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