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County considers dumping Osborn MetroPark recycling site

Andy Ouriel • Mar 18, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Erie County leaders might scrap yet another popular drop-off recycling center.

Area officials cited two major reasons for their consideration to close the Osborn MetroPark recycling site by April 30.

The Osborn recycling center is located just off East Perkins Avenue near the Erie County Care Facility.

First, and primarily, the center absorbs a major chunk of the county's solid waste district funding.

Operating the Osborn Park site cost about $53,000 last year, 28 percent of the district's $189,000 annual budget.

Secondly, people continually dump prohibited items — such as toilets and large appliances — and litter the site.

The site is also getting heavier use by people using it to discard proper plastics and paper goods after county officials shut down the Columbus Avenue recycling site in Perkins Township a year ago.

County officials closed the Perkins Township center because operations totaled about $120,000 a year.

For more on the proposed closure pick up Sunday's Register.

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