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The Mailbag: How do write-in candidates work?

Alex Aspacher • Jan 15, 2012 at 10:38 PM

Q: Could you please find out how write-in candidacy works for the upcoming November election.  –Wayne on Fifth St.

A: Thanks for asking, Wayne. Anyone who wants to file to run for an office as a write-in candidate must file a declaration of intent at the county Board of Elections office. Those declarations are due 72 days before the election, so unfortunately this year's deadline, Aug. 29, has passed. Debbie McDowell, director of the board of elections, said two people in Erie County submitted declarations in time to be write-in candidates for the November general election. Dennis Haydin and Brenda J. Zsebik both declared write-in candidacy for Vermilion Township fiscal officer. No one filed to run as a candidate for the position this year, so no names will appear on the ballot for Vermilion Township fiscal officer in Novermber. But because there are two write-in candidates, voters will be able be to write-in Dennis Haydin or Brenda J. Zsebik on blank lines on the ballot.

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