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Koonce, Krabill clash

Annie Zelm • Jan 11, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Sandusky school board member Richard Koonce started the year off with a bang Monday when he asked fellow board member Jeff Krabill to explain his decision to run for county treasurer.

Krabill, re-elected to the school board in November, has announced plans to run for the Erie County treasurer's spot.

Koonce said Krabill’s decision creates a perception he’s a politician first, merely occupying a seat on the board until he’s elected to the position he really wants.

Krabill, however, said Koonce is upset about the outcome of the November election, in which incumbent Tracy Shoemo and challengers Racquel Pace and Darwitt Garrett lost to newcomer Martha Stauffer Murray and incumbents Krabill and King Baer.

Said Krabill: “I just think there’s a better way to handle an election loss than the way Richard’s handling it. I’ve been around the block before, and I understand politics. This is political. I don’t worry too much about it.” 

Said Koonce: "I have a problem when partisan politics rule the day."

For more on this curious dispute, pick up Wednesday's Register.  

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