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On the Job at Creative Teaching in Sandusky

Melissa Topey • Nov 21, 2011 at 8:00 AM

Electric personalities are drawn to Sandusky's Creative Teaching.

Co-owner David Wobser is proud of the unique education-related items he stocks at Creating Teaching and is quick to suggest his favorites.

"We try to have things that are a little different," Wobser said.

Lining the front of the store are educational games that teach a concept while entertaining children. Easy temptation for a store clerk to play. And we do.

Wobser pulls out a UFO ball. It is designed to teach the concept of completing an electrical circuit. He demonstrates the toy and makes sure to point out that store clerk Diane Asman cannot complete the circuit, as the toy does not seem to register her very existence.

When I try it with her, however, it works. They laugh and accuse me of having a magnetic personality that transfers to others.

I found that in working retail there is always something to do, and it was no different at Creative Teaching where I spent time Wednesday working with Wobser, Kathy Moldovan and Asman.

Wobser's store, on U.S. 250 in the Lowe's complex, has been in business 30 years, serving teachers, parents and the general public.

Most everyone at the store is a teacher or retired from the profession. They know how to help.

When a family walks in after a parent-teacher conference, stressed and confused because their child needs help with a subject, the staff soothes nerves and guides them to flashcards, educational books and other tools they feel will help.

"We can help them, we can make a good recommendation," Moldovan said. "It feels good."

I, not being a teacher, would have no idea about what recommendations to make, so instead we maneuvered through checking in inventory. The store has about 25,000 different items, such as solar-powered windmills and a 3D mirror scope.

"It is a little different every day," Moldovan said.

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