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Funds would boost services

Andy Ouriel • Nov 4, 2011 at 2:00 PM

The Ere County Health Department needs the public to boost its income by giving the office a shot on Election Day.

Health officials are asking county residents to vote for the department’s five-year renewal levy to both keep and enhance its services.

A $100,000 homeowner would pay $6.13 a year if the levy garners more than 50 percent of the vote.

If a majority of county residents vote against the levy, health services will be cut to offset the loss of income, health commissioner Pete Schade said.

“The levy helps support all of the activities at the health department, and all those activities will help prevent disease in the community,” Schade said.

Levy dollars help fund department programs, including primary care clinics and nursing services.

“The levy is a good value,” Schade said. “We use the money wisely and we are operating not only as a safety net for the community, but also as a business. I think we have been good stewards of the money.”

Voting for the levy is crucial for the health department to not only maintain the services it provides to county residents, but also for the entity to thrive, said health board member George Mylander

“The health department does an awful lot of good, and they serve a lot of people,” Mylander said.

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