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Critical letter prompts investigation of county worker

Andy Ouriel • Jan 27, 2011 at 8:35 AM

County officials said an anonymous letter accusing an Erie County Job and Family Services administrator of berating subordinates has prompted an investigation.

The three-page letter from the spouse of an anonymous employee accused Aaron Voltz of yelling at workers inside the Parish Street office.

Voltz, 37, is assistant director at Erie County Job and Family Services.

"I'm disturbed and upset these accusations were made against me," he said. "If necessary, I will show the false nature of these accusations."

Job and Family Services director Judy Englehart asked a special investigator from the county prosecutor's office to help look into the allegations.

Even so, Englehart said she supports Voltz 100 percent.

"I always take these accusations seriously," Englehart said. "I didn't see him yell at people. He is a man who cares very much for the children and the families, and at times, he demands excellence from his staff."

Prosecutor's employee Paul Schnittker has been assisting with the investigation since Dec. 10.

The work should be completed by week's end, and if any action is taken it'll likely be administrative on the part of Englehart, said Kevin Baxter, county prosecutor.

Voltz said he's confident the investigation will show he did nothing wrong. He also serves as a reserve officer with Norwalk police.

His personnel file shows no reprimands or discipline in his 15 years with the agency.

The letter accuses him of "instilling fear in staff" and telling them "they WILL do their job and if they did not do their job he would 'gut them like a fish.'"

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