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Huron police round up six underage drinkers

Heather Chapin-Fowler • Aug 13, 2010 at 11:28 PM

Police rooted out a half-dozen underage drinkers hiding in a Huron residence after one led them on a foot chase.

On Aug. 8, soon after midnight, police were called to investigate a loud party at a residence in the 300 block of Berlin Road, according to a Huron Police report.

Police saw several people standing outside and heard loud music coming from a garage. When the officer started walking up to confront the group, one of the male suspects, Benjamin Souter, 19, 800 block Bogart Road, Huron, ran off on foot. 

A group of between five to 10 others took off towards Marconi’s Restaurant.

The chase ended abruptly when Souter attempted to jump a fence near the 400 block of Berlin Road, but couldn’t get over it. After Souter fell to the ground, the officer told him to surrender or he would be tasered. Souter complied with the officer’s request and threw a baggie out of his pocket.

The baggie contained what officers suspect was marijuana.

Souter admitted to police he consumed alcohol. He was charged with drug abuse, possession of liquor and obstructing a criminal investigation, stated the report.

After Souter was arrested, officers found another suspect, Justin Wilson, 19, hiding in a corner of a storage shed. Wilson, 4000 block Ohio 601, Norwalk, was charged for possession of liquor.

Police found dozens of beer cans in the garage, which were confiscated as evidence.

They executed a search warrant on property and found four suspects hiding in the residence. Three 16-year-old girls and Royce Lemar, 19, who lives at the house, were hiding in a stone crawl space, the report stated.

Lemar, who reportedly lied to officers about one of the teen girl’s whereabouts, is facing charges of allowing underage consumption, underage consumption, obstruction of justice and keeper of place, stated the report.

Four other teens were found in a bedroom of the residence, but they weren’t hiding, nor had they consumed any alcohol, the report stated.

All suspects were released after police concluded the investigation.

Photographs taken of the suspects were not available from the police department Thursday, said a dispatcher.

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