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JASON'S MAILBAG: Who's next in line for city commission seat?

Jason Singer • Aug 9, 2010 at 8:07 AM

Q: Now that Diedre Cole's been named to the city commission, will Ed Feick fill the next vacancy? If I recall, he received the next most votes, ahead of Craig Stahl and Bob Warner.

-- Noah on Garfield Street

 A: Thanks for the question, Noah. The quick answer to question is no, Ed Feick would not automatically get the next open seat. But he could. It would be up to the city commission.

The city's charter only says what to do when it comes to the "first vacancy" after an election. The first vacancy "shall be filled by the candidate for city commissioner ... who had the highest number of votes but was not elected," the charter says. In this case, that was obviously Diedre Cole.

But the city's charter doesn't specify what to do for a second or third vacancy. And when a city doesn't have a specific law, it must abide by state law. Under state law, the legislative body (in this case, the city commission) votes to appoint someone to a vacancy. So that's what the city would do if another opening occurred.

This happened in December 2008, when the city commission appointed Pervis Brown Jr. to an open seat after Dennis Murray Jr. resigned. So theoretically, the city could appoint Ed Feick, but it doesn't have to. It would probably collect resumes and do an interview process as it did before it selected Pervis Brown.

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