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REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Sandusky layoffs a necessary pain

Commentary • Jun 17, 2010 at 1:23 AM

As any person who juggles household or business finances knows, the challenge of a balanced budget sometimes results in unpleasant cuts. When voters rejected the Sandusky income tax increase, they set a message -- loud and clear --to city hall to live within its means and to balance the budget.

The commissioners and acting city manager Don Icsman have done just that. The layoffs of city workers is an unfortunate, but necessary, side effect of the voters' dictum. Recently a number of AFSCME workers joined the non-union city hall employees, and police and fire department personnel previously laid off.

Commissioners and the city manager are expected to walk the fine line between providing necessary services for city residents and balancing a budget with increasing output and diminishing input. They made a plan to bring city finances in check and have had the fortitude to stick to that plan despite the hard choices and criticism.

A close trim now is a means to a solvent future for Sandusky.

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