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LETTER: Library offers much

Commentary • Apr 29, 2010 at 4:12 AM

My family does not use the Bellevue Public Library on a daily basis but we have always used it and feel not having a library available would be a huge loss to so many who do participate in what it offers. Stop in and see for yourself what is available, if you say you do not use it or have no need for it. I would bet your family members and your neighbors use it if you were to ask them.

Now it falls into our hands for support as the state has cut funds for libraries; the funds are needed for normal operations only, no building expansion or remodeling, just for keeping it going. Please consider voting for the Bellevue Public Library replacement levy and small increase.

Let's all work together through these tough times, and remember that so many people from the beginning formation to the present day of our library, have given so much of their time, talent and money to keep it a huge plus for our community. If our city is to stay strong and become stronger, we must keep what is in our control and do what is best for our citizens.

Mary Jane Ocker


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