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LETTER: Teacher did good

Commentary • Apr 28, 2010 at 1:48 AM

I read the newspaper article about Carol Smith with great dismay. I am writing in support of a veteran teacher who was instrumental in influencing my sons and granddaughters who have since graduated from Perkins High School.

Carol Smith believed in my sons when the school did not and I thank God for her and her dedication. Today, one son is a state tax auditor and the other has obtained his CPA certification. My granddaughter is attending college.

I am wondering why, at the very least, not one positive statement has ever been made about Carol Smith by the board of education and current school administrators.

I have always believed there were two sides to any point of view. Seems her 35 years of service and committment to Perkins has only resulted in censure and embarrassment from the board and a disgusting newspaper article with sensational headlines. Of course, that was the point. Shame on all of you!

Jean Lyren


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