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LETTER: Hospital bill

Commentary • Apr 25, 2010 at 1:13 AM

One of the most onerous parts of Gov. Strickland's current budget is the new hospital tax. Hospitals today are the last resort for many who do not have the means to pay for health care. Hospitals provide services to many thousands who do not have a family physician, who do not know how to find alternative care and who in many cases can not afford care. Now comes Gov. Strickland and his cronies taxing the very heart of charity care in our communities, just to balance their bloated budget.

The net effect on hospitals like Firelands Regional Medical Center, Magruder Hospital and Fisher-Titus Medical Center is to drain their limited resources, often to the tune of millions of dollars. This loss from the hospital tax is on top of all of the charitable care and unreimbursed care that they already provide. In all too many cases, Ohio will see some of its hospitals experiencing year end losses due to this onerous tax. How long can hospitals sustain that?

Recently Rep. Boose and Rep. Sears introduced a bill to partially roll back this hospital tax. I urge every fair minded Ohioan to contact their representatives and senators to let them know that our local hospitals can not afford to be hurt in this way. And yes, that also means contacting Rep. Murray and telling him you expect him to reverse his own vote that approved this tax, and support Rep. Boose's bill.

Jeff Krabill


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