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LETTER: Useful energy option

Commentary • Apr 23, 2010 at 5:20 AM

We all know that this troubled economy has made it difficult for residents, businesses and the county itself, having to count every penny. Fortunately, there is something simple we can do to help alleviate some of the financial stress we're facing. Vote for the governmental aggregation issue on your May 4 ballot.

Under Ohio law, communities can form governmental aggregation buying groups to arrange for the purchase of natural gas and or electricity on behalf of its citizens. It is this group buying power that allows the group to receive a lower price for natural gas and electric supply than each member could receive on their own. More than 200 gas and electric programs have been formed around Ohio in the past nine years.

If the ballot passes you won't notice any changes. Our local utility companies will continue to deliver our gas and electric, read our meters and issue our bills. This simply gives the county the ability to seek lower cost gas and electric suppliers. If voters approve it. we will hold public hearings to explain the details of our programs and participation is voluntary.

Let's make sure we take advantage of this unique opportunity to provide our residents and businesses with another option as they attempt to manage their energy bills. We encourage the residents and small business owners in the Erie County townships to vote for governmental aggregation!

William J. Monaghan, President

Patrick J. Shenigo

Thomas M. Ferrell Jr.

Erie County Commissioners

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