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LETTER: Well-served in Port Clinton

Commentary • Apr 21, 2010 at 12:32 AM

I want to acknowledge the effort of many people who work in our local government. After Port Clinton voters passed a bond issue for new buildings in November, an extensive document called an Official Statement was required. This 80-plus page document compiled demographic and statistical data from our school district, city, and townships.

Jamie Bier Grant, director of the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation provided timely information on our industrial parks and employers. JoEllen Regal, Ottawa County Auditor and her staff provided all types of data related to millage rates, assessed values and levies. Robert Hille, Ottawa County Treasurer and his staff provided taxa nd delinquency data. Current school board members David Belden, Barb Drusbacky, Beth Benko, Michele Mueller and Paul Shaw were asked to have many special meetings to accommodate many legal documents that had to be approved. Walt Wehenkel, a former school board member and regional planning director, also provided data necessary to complete this report.

In a day in which there is much scrutiny of our elected officials, I wanted to let our community know just how much I appreciate the officials in Port Clinton and Ottawa County for their cooperation and willingness to help when asked. Their dedicated work helped the District secure a very high bond rating, which led to a low interest rate for our bonds, and I did not want their efforts to go unnoticed.

Jeff Dornbusch

Treasurer, Port Clinton Schools

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