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ALEX JONES: Challenge and reward

Commentary • Apr 21, 2010 at 12:32 AM


Sandusky graduate attending Ashland University

"Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices"

Alfred A. Montapert

Everyone is responsible to themselves for what they do. Without this personal responsibility, what a terrible world this would be.

However it seems there is an entire generation of young people who do not seem to grasp the concept of owning up to your own actions.

Now, it would be wrong to classify an entire age group, but after spending four years in the high school, and having a wide social base in Sandusky, I would have to say a majority of the youth in this area do not care to own up to their actions.

I don't want to bash Sandusky youth. I want to challenge all those who have the ability to teach our youth to be a generation of integrity.

I have heard it said that integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

The question that I pose is twofold. First: How many believe the young people with whom you are directly involved meet the standard that you set for them. Secondly, how many of you would have the integrity to correct and discipline the youth for not meeting those standards?

As a city, we are charged with raising good citizens who will serve our city and our country well. This is not a message just to parents, either. This pertains to teachers, coaches, community leaders, anyone who has a direct role influencing young people.

The most important thing that we can teach children from the youngest ages is the importance of integrity and personal responsibility. If these two characteristics are engraved into a young person's mind from an early age, it will follow that child for the rest of his or her life. If more young people held integrity and personal responsibility at a higher priority, our communities would not be in such poor shape, our schools would not be failing, and our city would not have to worry about juvenile delinquency.

The next generation of citizens in this area have a lot of potential if mentored and developed correctly. When the youth of our city do reach great achievements, it is good and proper to recognize them. That is why the idea for the "walk of fame" and the signs at the city limits are good ideas. If these two ideas can be funded without great expense to the taxpayer, and can be administered fairly, then there is no reason to stop the city from doing it.

The young people of this city and of this area are capable of great things, and it is just to reward them and to show the rest of the city just how proud we are of those who have achieved greatness with their talents.

I challenge everyone reading this to see how you can influence the youth of this area to have integrity and to be responsible for their own actions. Because no matter what others may say, everyone will face the consequences of their actions. No person, group or government can save a person from that.

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