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LETTER: No official religion

Commentary • Apr 14, 2010 at 3:29 PM

Gloria Kattouah writes that we are a Christian nation. My acquaintances who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or atheists would strongly disagree with that statement, and would cite the U.S. Constitution for support. We are a nation built upon a foundation of Judeo-Christian laws and tradition, we have religious freedom in our private lives, but we have no established religion. Would Ms. Kattouah support a Muslim prayer to Allah before public school classes in a predominately Islamic community in the U.S.?

I too decry the social decay we have witnessed in America, which is why it is important for us all to live honorable lives and raise our children in homes full of love and responsibility, whatever our religious beliefs.

In our schools, biology instructors do not teach that humans evolved from apes. They teach that humans and the great apes evolved from a common primate ancestor over the past 15 million years. Evolution is the foundation of modern biology, and our understanding of evolution plays an increasingly important role in the development of treatments for many diseases.

Richard Dolbeer


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