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LETTER: Get Margaretta on track

Commentary • Apr 9, 2010 at 1:37 AM

The Margaretta Board of Education and Ed Kurt have done much to be fiscally responsible. They consolidated the elementary buildings saving the district $300,000 annually, consolidated bus routes, and positions have been eliminated through attrition. They have been forced to be fiscally responsible because of drastic cuts in state and federal funding. These cuts along with no new money from our community in the last 12 years make the levy passage essential!

We have heard complaints about adding a gymnasium to the elementary building. Why can't everyone be happy our students have a wonderful facility for physical education, programs and other activities? Nearly every neighboring school district is building or planning new facilities.

Decisions have been made after much research and careful consideration. Kurt has a vested interest in the success of our district. His children attend or have graduated from Margaretta and his home is here. We are certain he only does what is best for this school district, even if it is not popular.

We are saddened our district is so divided. It's time to put aside hard feelings, grudges and politics and do what is right for our children. We support the upcoming levy 100 percent and encourage every voter to do the same!

Rod and Kendra Smith


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