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LETTER: Coincidence or what?

Commentary • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM

GOP candidate Steve Christopher has been disqualified from running for Ohio attorney general, but the public is uninformed of the details in this matter. I find it troubling and very strange former Sen. Mike DeWine would end up being unopposed in the GOP primary. His original primary opponent, David Yost, switched to run for auditor. When Christopher decided to run, he was enthusiastically received by many in the Tea Party movement. The chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, Kevin DeWine, is Mike DeWine's cousin. Then again, maybe this is all coincidental.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has stated her office received only 788 of the 2,791 signatures personally handed over by Christopher before the deadline. A representative in the office signed a receipt. Now they say what they signed for was never there.

It's hard to believe Christopher, required to submit 1,000 signatures, would drive over an hour to hand over only 788. He made copies of all of his petitions. Like many of my friends, I personally walked my precinct gathering signatures for him. I know Steve to be qualified, concerned and honest. That is something desperately needed in Columbus, as well as in Washington, today.

The secretary of state is required to be non-partisan and to protect honest elections. Under Brunner's tenure there have been a number of questionable blunders, like the violation of "Joe the Plumber's" personal files and the 200,000 disputed voter registrations from 2008 still in the system. Is it beyond the realm that Brunner's office could have lost the signatures and is trying to cover itself by saying they were never turned in?

Those extra 2,000 petitions might very well show up some day, like Hillary's missing White House billing records.

Tom Hayes


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