Jun 9, 2014

Why wasn't my pit bull allowed within Ohio Bike Week's block party?

I would like to know why every time I take my pit bull down to Ohio Bike Week, I get told to leave. I walk past several police officers who just smile and wave, then one comes up to me and says, “Due to health department regulations, dogs are not allowed down here.” Then, they have four officers escort me out. So I take my dog home and return downtown only to see dogs all over the place. I am getting tired of being treated this way. It is not fair to judge my dog by the breed. Jess from Sandusky

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech provided the following answer:

The Sandusky Police Department and event organizers determined after the first year or two of (Ohio) Bike Week that any animal, other than service dogs, wouldn't be permitted in the event venue.  

Dogs were barking, growling or attempting to attack each other the first years of the event.  The volume of children, adults and very congested walking areas isn't safe to have animals in the event areas.  

Although the writer has a pit bull, we don't have breed-specific enforcement. It is all animals — dogs, snakes, or other animals.  Although some dogs might be nice, others could not be if mixed in an environment that is very loud, extremely congested or attacked by another dog, stepped on, fallen on or any other scenario that can be probable with this venue.

All of our officers have been instructed to have dogs or other animals removed from the venue. Have some slipped by, yes probably but at some point an officer most likely will have advised the owners to remove their animals from the venue.  There are signs posted on the barricades that are blocking access into the venue to advise of the restrictions.  

The decision to not allow animals is for the safety of the animals and all of those children and adults that are coming to enjoy this venue.

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Not all breed-specific rules are unjust. Pit bulls are in fact more dangerous that other dogs, despite breeders' PR campaigns to the contrary. Pit bull fanciers are their dupes and play right along, undeterred by facts.

With all the choices available, people who opt for this breed should not complain when others are wary, and the truth is that many choose a pit bull with intimidation as the purpose.

As always, death threats may be addressed to: iloveanimals2@foolsnotsomuch.com

nosey rosey

You are completely wrong. I've never owned a pitbull but I've never met one that wasn't a sweetheart. I suspect you don't know much about dogs other than what you read on the internet.


“We compared data for patients attacked by
pit bull-type dogs to those attacked by other breeds and
found patients attacked by pit bulls had more severe injuries,
higher hospital charges and
a higher risk of death.”
John K. Bini and Stephen M. Cohn, San Antonio, TX.
Trauma surgeons, physicians.

65% – Pit bulls are responsible for 65 percent of all fatal dog attacks nationally.

25% – A fourth of all dog bite claims were due to pit bull bites

Every fourteen days, someone in the U.S. is killed by a pit bull.

Yep, pit bulls are definitely a dog I would trust, about as much as I trust Obozo


Pitbulls should be banned.
They have superior harming capability.
It's like the difference between a firecracker and a stick of dynamite. Neither is more likely to go off spontaneously, but one has superior energy and capacity. Which one do you want in YOUR wallet?

Licorice Schtick

Interesting analogy. Get even closer to the mark with something unstable. Perhaps OLD dynamite, which is said to be like nitrogycerine.

From the Grave

I knew a hooker named Old Dynamite.


Too funny! FTG! I'm assuming she was called that due to her short fuse eh?

yea right

its not the dog there false2u.. its the owners and how they raise them..you need to get your facts straight..FYI Labs are the worse dog out there...also the reports are wrong cuz not all attacks get reported..just the pit bull ones..hmm


Agreed. Most do not report when a poodle bites, or a lab. Or if they are reported, it is not newsworthy.

Licorice Schtick

You both making stuff up 'cuz it's what you want to believe. There no data to show that.


Wrong, it is the dog silly human!


Nosey, there's no doubt the pits can be sweet. Glad you had nice encounters. That doesn't make anything I wrote wrong. If you spend more time with that pit, enjoy it if you wish, but have a plan if it clamps on, and never leave it alone with kids.


You never leave a child alone with ANY animal. Pitbull, cat, poodle, lab, snake, gerbil, shepherd, etc. If you do, it is on the PARENT/ADULT if things go bad.



Licorice Schtick

Like leaving a child alone in a room with a gerbil would be endangerment. sheesh. Reductio ad absurdum.

Now, I know some single guys who probably shouldn't be trusted with one...

From the Grave

Don't leave the kids alone with unemployed, drunken Uncle Houseguest, either.


@Ladydye. Your exactly right. I left mine alone 10 years ago with a goldfish and the whole kitchen got flooded because the shut off bar to the kitchen sink was broken. It was right above wear we kept the treats. They said the fish did it. We never bought a fish again. Dont leave your kids unsupervised around pets.


Why would anyone even want to take a dog downtown during Bike Week? I'm sure your dog does not enjoy that!

It's crowded, it's loud, the blacktop is very hot on the dogs paws, there is no food or drink for them, exactly what part of that would a dog enjoy?

Matt said the Gorilla with the dildo had penis envy. I say guys that wear snakes around the necks and bring pit bulls to Bike Week are exploiting their pets, as penis extensions. If you think the snake or pit bull make you cool, your not cool.


Some people actually consider their dog their best friend and take them everywhere they can.... sorry you must have never known the joy of a dog's love to understand this...


Actually Juggs, my rescued dog, IS my best friend, and that is EXACTLY why I would never drag him down there to walk on burning hot asphalt!

He is quite comfortable at home in the air conditioning sleeping on my 1200 thread count sheets, and laying on the leather couch, watching his 52 inch flat screen tv that I leave on for him.

When he hears my Harley roll in, he couldn't be happier to see me! He is waiting at the door with his tail wagging, we walk down and I pour a draft beer, and he gets to lick the foam off!

Nice try Juggs, but I've always known the love of a dog. I actually donated hundreds to a local shelter last year, too.


Dick Tracey is right. Think about the dog. He really would rather be sitting in the shade somewhere.


I agree with ya here DickTracy! Sounds like your dog is one lucky man!!


I want to reincarnate as DT's pooch come my next time around. :}


I think the writer answered his own question. He tried to bring a dog onsite, and the officers said "due to health department regulations, dogs are not allowed".


The writer wanted to say that he was being discriminated against, just because his dog was a pit bull, which is NOT the case.

There have been numerous stories in the paper about no dogs allowed at Bike Week. There are numerous signs posted downtown, saying no dogs allowed. Also, in the Bike Week books with schedules and events, it says no dogs allowed.



First off, it can get quite crowded. Then have a 300 pound man wearing biker boots, step on your dogs' paw. My dog, after yelping, would probably bite his arse. And no, she is not a pit bull.

nosey rosey

Unfortunately I've been to lots of places that have signs saying no dogs but when I get there, I always see smaller dogs and no one asks the owner to remove them. But because I follow the rules, I don't take my larger dog who is probably better behaved than the ankle biters are.


I do not take my dogs to those kinds of events either. It is for the well being of MY dogs, not for others. It is too crowded, to loud, to hot and just not safe. You have people like holysee that want to shoot them. I also do not understand the people that have purse pets that think it is okay to take their dogs into a drugs store or grocery store while shopping, let alone others who do not stop them or say NO. If I walk in there with my Rottweiler or Pit mix, people would be calling the police on me. Maybe if I get a really big purse on wheels I could pull it off! LOL


I agree. Pets do NOT belong in the grocery store!


Unless it is the pet store, or a store that allows pets (Bass Pro does for example) they do not belong in ANY store or restaurant.

Good 2 B Me

I was there every day. I honestly never saw a single dog in the place. I could have missed some, but I really did not see any. They did a really good job of policing the event.

JMOP's picture

If I had to chose between two peed off dogs at bike week biting me, I would chose the teacup terrier over the pitbull. Just saying.

Also, rules are rules. If you see others breaking them, it doesn't give you the right to do so also.

he said she said

I have worked in grocery stores and had to the pleasure of asking dog owners that think they can bring their dog in if the dog is a service dog. The owner looks at me and when they ask why, I have to tell them that unless their dog is a service dog, it cannot be in here. There is open food--produce, bulk foods, bakery, meat department--that can be contaminated by a dog or any animal for that matter.

I don't go downtown to Bike Week; there are too many people for me and especially for my dog. If I understand correctly, there are food vendors downtown--same scenario as in the store--food contamination by an animal. The health department can close a store down and a vendor down but I guess most people wouldn't know that.


You deserve a raise for enforcing the most basic kind of rule. GET THAT FILTHY Thing out of here!! People holding the small ones over the produce... drooling, panting, licking itself all over...because I've seen (pet) dogs in grocery stores.... UNBELIEVABLE...

Some hotels are "pet friendly"... just what I want to do is touch bedspreads etc. where any number of dogs' rears have been.

In Florida, they're allowed on outdoor restaurant patios etc.... that certainly enhances the experience of dining out... bunch of dogs sniffing each other and yelping, whining and competing for attention.

This dog worship thing has gone waaaaaayyyyy too far.




Glad to hear we agree on that, at least!

From the Grave

I'd rather get licked by ANY dog, than by ANY biker chick.


One to the head
Two to the chest
Will put your
Pitbull problems to rest!


You shoot my dog, I bet you don't get to far.


Too far, not to far.
And I bet I would get very far.......

Steve P

Moron, test the theory on yourself, lets us know how it works for you.


I can see that you, like your savior, love all living things.

thinkagain's picture

You epitomize the ignorant hypocrite. Are you a strict vegetarian? No? Then you must not love all living things.

Your past comments supporting abortion further prove your “love” of all living things.

When your well trained, gentle Pit named Fluffy gets too close, be prepared for me to initiate the Mozambique Drill.

From the Grave

Bless your heart


As with any breed of dog, it is the owner and not the dog that causes problems. I have a 2 neighbors who between them both have 4 pit bulls and they are the most friendliest dogs. They do not growl or bark at us or my 2 dogs. When people start realizing that it is the owners fault for how the dog behaves then dogs will lose their bad reputation based on their breed. If you can't take the time to properly train your dog and make sure before you buy your dog that it has not been inbred for years and years then you shouldn't get the dog.


I'm not sure I totally agree. Sometimes it's the owner's fault but sometimes the dog has issues regardless of the breed!

Licorice Schtick

Exactly. "It's SOMETIMES the owners' fault," which is true, got quickly lapped up and regurgitated as "It's ALWAYS the owners' fault," which is nonsense. And the projectile stream has never stopped.

And why one earth do people think an anecdote in which disaster was evaded somehow proves safety? Like living on a flood plain, but never flooded - yet. Had an uncle who smoked three packs a day. Made it to 65 and got hit by a bus. Smoking must be safe? No, the data is there to prove otherwise. Sheesh. People are idiots.


so your opinion is whats important and not facts?

Licorice Schtick

Interesting site. See also: http://www.dogsbite.org/


That is a very bias, one sided, anti breed site. I wonder if you would know a pit bull if one bit you. Or are you one of those that label anything that is short, stocky and muscular as a "pit bull".

Licorice Schtick

That site presents objective facts and comes to the only reasonable conclusions. The "pro-pit" sites are full of made-up facts and other nonsense.

You wonder if I would know a pit; would you? Because pro-pit danger deniers claim you can't indentify one by looks. And other nonsense.

The site goes through ten myths, point by point, starting with

Myth #1: It's the owner not the breed


Myth #2: It's impossible to identify a pit bull

Reead 'em: http://www.dogsbite.org/dangerou...


I have been to the site, I know it. I also know what people claim are pit bulls and what are not. I do not need an education on dogs. Thanks.

Licorice Schtick

Note to editors: Attempts to edit typo's get rejected as spam. What the hay?

Stop It

Same stuff happened here. Needs full rewording


downthemiddle: maybe that's the way dog owners view your snotty brats you call kids?

holysee: one hand on the bible and the other on your gun?

you'll drop both when i drop you.

Licorice Schtick

Ah, the death threat. It had to come sooner or later. Up for 1-1/2 hours and no moderation. Tick, tick, tick.

Edit - two hours.

Edit - 4-1/2 hours


Ah but holysee can threaten to shoot a dog for no reason and it is allowed.


I never saw any dogs down there. It is not safe to bring pets down there to that anyhow it is too crowded and the hot sidewalks would burn their feet.


I saw a cop tell a woman she couldn't bring a dog in that was in a carrier. So it had nothing to do with the breed, there are just NO dogs ALLOWED


Hey, DickTracey, its; youre not cool. I think it was you who critiqued my spelling. Youre welcome :)

SameOle Crap I see

Well it's been a long time.... same ole crap!! LOL

dogs really don't belong at Bike Week... Ya think?
they just wouldn't understand!! haha! It's for HUMANS!!!
my big bad mean Lab would most likely bite someones leg off!!
NOT!! lmao!
All dogs will bite if given any reason! & most dog owners should KNOW their dog!! even those funky poodles can be vicious!!


You ever notice how many dog owners take their dogs for a walk to poop in your yard? Meanwhile they have their own yard they could poop in. They must think the "poop fairy" will come in the night and "swoop up the poop". Then you have the "phantom poop picker-uppers" who have a poop bag with them, bend over to pick up the poop (and don't), and walk away like they're good, responsible dog owners. Fascinating stuff.


I'm not going to weigh in on whether pittys are good dogs or not, I've already done that many times, I'm an owner of a neutered pit for 8 years now, and I would not take mine down to a place with that much going on. There is a time and place for dogs in public and IMO, that isn't one of them. I'm not concerned about him starting a fight with another dog, I would be worried about him finishing it. It's called being a responsible dog owner.


In Cincinnati earlier this week 2 family pit bulls attacked a little girl and dragged her down the street by her face.

Police offed the dog.


Google: leslie mcelrath pit bull.. there's a youtube of the interview.


Taking a dog to an event like Bike Week is selfish the dog owner may like it but the dog is teased by the smell of food it can't have and annoyed the heat and stress of the crowd. Not to mention the poop problem. I'm happy the organizers were enforcing the dog rule. Pit Bull or Poodle it just isn't a good place for a dog.


One question? Do dogs pay taxes? NO! Enjoy them at your own home. Think of them as a crack addict. Fun to watch as long as they stay in their own yard.


Just put your dog on your lap and go for a drive in the car!


Waaaayyy too much of this going on... dogs jumping across the dashboard, back and forth across the driver...

even worse when the driver is elderly.

This isn't illegal? Kids have to be strapped in for their safety. Dogs jumping around threaten everybody's safety.


Leave your dogs at home, and you won't have a problem!


If it has teeth, it will bite (any animal) Even some humans!


In a small Michigan town the other day a Catahoula Cattle Hound attacked a baby while it was being held by it's uncle, killing the baby. The uncle attempted to pry it's jaws open and suffered numerous bites..

Catahoulas were bred to take down a wild boar... That must be one mean dog... I'm gonna get one and walk it around on a leash... imagine the feeling of power one would experience watching people cower as you approach... I'll call the dog "Testo"... short for testosterone.

Watch out for us!