VIDEO: Strange island arrests

Hotel employees dumbfounded at lengthy probe of questionable charges
Alex Green
Jul 18, 2014

A trial involving an allegedly unfair arrest unrelated to violations of the law was delayed a third time Thursday.

Lisa Cooper, general manager of Put-in-Bay Resort, and two others who say they were unfairly arrested by Put-in-Bay police in September all have been chomping at the bit to show audio and video surveillance from the arrests in court.

Watch the video in the player below

The surveillance evidence also has been made available to police, island Mayor Margaret Scarpelli and Village Council members, but thus far there have been no takers. 

Cooper was arrested on an obstruction charge when she was unable to immediately provide police with golf cart vendor contracts for a police investigation of a parking violation.

The other two other employees were arrested after they refused to talk with police about hotel management's decision to fire another employee and for not immediately issuing a paycheck for the terminated employee.

The "unbelievable" arrests and agonizing ordeal intensified Thursday when Cooper's trial was continued a third time.

Resort officials were told Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan and his assistant prosecutor David Boldt needed more time to review the case, the same reasoning provided in March when the trial was delayed. 

The case against one employee was dropped earlier this year, but Cooper's trial and the other employee's case remain pending in Ottawa County Municipal Court.

PIB Resort officials want Mulligan to immediately take steps to get the remaining charges dismissed. 

Mulligan has declined to comment on the status of the misdemeanor cases.

He said Thursday that Boldt was leading the prosecution and did not answer questions he was provided in an email from the Register.

Mulligan was asked why the case has been continued three times, what criminal act is being investigated and whether he gave orders to the arresting officer.


An officer can be heard saying he had orders from Mulligan to make the arrests.

Cooper and her defense attorneys were poised to show Put-in-Bay police Chief Ric Lampela, Scarpelli and prosecutors the surveillance of the arrests during a scheduled mediation hearing July 1, but the the mayor and chief failed to attend.

The video and audio depict two terminated employees trying to collect their final paychecks at the resort alongside two PIB police officers when Cooper told them it was not possible to prepare a paycheck on the spot.

The group left, but four officers returned minutes later, threatening a hotel desk employee.

"We could talk about it here and I give you a warning, or we could talk about it at the station and you get arrested," the officer tells the employee.

The woman said she did not wish to talk with officers.

"Put your hands behind your back, you're under arrest," the officer says, promptly handcuffing and detaining her.

Her charges were ultimately dismissed, but police once again overstepped their authority, the employee said.

"It didn't involve me I had nothing to do with (the employees getting fired)," the woman said.

The woman agreed to talk with the Register but asked that her name not be used.

"I knew cases like this happened, but I never experienced it," she said. "Maybe on YouTube, I thought. It was a learning experience for myself. It's nothing I want to be a part of."

Another employee's arrest later that day was also recorded by the hotel's surveillance. 

Suspect tells PIB police 'You guys are out of your minds'

Resort officials told the Register the surveillance equipment was installed to protect the hotel and its staff from police harassment, which has been a problem in the past. 

Cooper was arrested in a separate incident the previous day.

Scarpelli told PIB Resort officials months ago she would conduct an independent investigation.

She was terse when asked by a Register reporter after a Council meeting Monday about her investigation. 

"I'll speak with (the owner) about that," she said.

She stated during the Council meeting she would contact the hotel's owners, but as of lthis morning no contact had been made.

Resort officials say they've been blacklisted along with other businesses, business owners and island residents.

The PIB Resort has been on Lampela's "bad side" since there was a disagreement with him about the village's noise ordinance years ago.

Dennis Rectenwald, an island business owner and retired schools superintendent said he's also on the chief's bad side for talking at council meetings about concerns he has with the police department.

Rectenwald was handcuffed July 11 by a PIB police officer after a traffic stop and detained for 15 minutes before being issued a citation.

Witnesses said police were way over the top in stopping Rectenwald and handcuffing him for a traffic citation. 




Where are all ther people saying that the SR has some vendetta against PIB LE?
Pretty obvious that they are incompetent at best and corrupt at worst.

The Bizness

I am not too worried about it, I don't go to that island very often.

I will continue to call out the SR whenever I think they are piling on an agency, corporation, person, or story just to sell papers though. I think this is one of those cases.

Licorice Schtick

[edit - this reply was to the previous version of the above comment, which advocated letting the the system figure it out.]

If "the system" is corrupt, you can not trust "the system" to "figure it out."

Publishing this sort of exposé is one of the most important roles of the press in a democratic system. Freedom of the press is so important because it can disempower the corrupt. It works best when all the relevant facts are reported, not just one side of the story.

The irony of this incident is that the subject was arrested for remaining silent, and then Miranized - "You have the right to remain silent..."

The Bizness

I don't think the cops are correct, I am simply annoyed at how the Register treats certain stories. They publish article, after article, after article about the same things just to sell papers. It happened with "Justice for Jake", happened with the "Burdine" cases, happened to a lesser extent with the St. Mary's stories, and now this. It is the reason why I don't pay for the paper.

It is fun to stir up controversy in the comment section and see people get angry though :)


I appreciate SR's efforts. But that being said they do need to use spell check and grammar check more often.

On another note, I would have arrested the attorney who didn't know when to zip it. He was clearly interfering with the officers who were just doing their jobs.

And the potty mouth on the lady who summoned the attorney has got to go! What she said about God is inexcusable! Don't stand by her on judgment day!

The Bizness

Don't all attorneys need to know when to zip it? lol


Hey lets get this employee exercises her 1st amendment right to free speech, another her 5th amendment to not answer questions of a rouge "officer" and be represented by legal council and you have a problem with this? Something tells me people like you ARE the problem "officer" LMAO

Tool Box

And maybe we are fed up with you islander!

The governed

We all know who the "south shore" cowboy is.

Licorice Schtick

"It is fun to stir up controversy in the comment section and see people get angry though"

It would have been more succinct to say, "it's fun to troll."

The Bizness

Accurate statement


Ironic yes! And the register publishing this story is good so that citizens know what they are dealing with.


I wish the Register would ban Bizness, 'its' nothing but a troll.
The Register would be in their right to remove your posts because they don't pertain to the article, which Bizlessbrain admits in his/her next brain dead post.

Everyone knows that your a troll, probably have a few cops in your family, and if so it wouldn't surprise anyone here if the big brave cop handcuffing the 110 pound woman is your son.


You think the SR is "piling on" had it not been for the register every one of these losers would still be working at PIB like nothing happened


I agree. Newspapers are non-biased venues to report what is going on in the world. That they question this situation is not a vendetta. It should be questioned. Police should not have this authority and employees should not be arrested for not immediately cutting a paycheck. I have waited weeks for paychecks when I left certain jobs. Sometimes I had to request it several times before I received it. No one went to jail.


Admire law enforcement for the tough job they do, but it appears there are some real d-bags running loose in uniforms on PIB and giving the good part of the law enforcement community a bad name.

Dr. Information

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.

sandtown born a...

Sue sue sue until they can't get insurance to cover the corrupt individuals running the PIB police

Licorice Schtick

Here's the link to the SR YouTube channel:


Not saying whether the police did or did not do anything wrong, but if they had orders from the county prosecutor, then they didn't have much of a choice. If they would not have followed those orders, they very well could have been fired and/or charged themselves for not doing their job. If the prosecutor did tell them to make an arrest than that's on him.

Darwin's choice

"....calling it your job 'ol Fred still don't make it right.."

If those idiots (police) had any sense, they would have backed off.


Firstly, the county prosecutor does not and should not direct a village police force. It's up to police to investigate and or respond to allegations of a crime and determine whether probable cause exists to make an arrest or charge a crime. Seeking a final paycheck upon termination is not a criminal matter but a civil matter between employer and employee.

Secondly, it would be interesting to know the names of the two terminated employees and what influence or connections they have to: 1) use the prosecutor to apply pressure to obtain their last checks in a purely civil matter, and 2) use several police officers to harass a local business in a purely civil matter.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Babo. It's been suggested the terminated employee was the girlfriend of one of the PIB police officers. That has not been confirmed. PIB Chief Ric Lampella and Mulligan have not responded to inquiries from the Register.


Thank you for the information.

The Bizness

Hey Matt, I don't think you should be spreading rumors


Any alleged relationship between the complaining witness and law enforcement is relevant information in a criminal case and would need to be disclosed in the criminal case. Also, it would interesting to learn the reason(s) for terminating the employee.

The Bizness

Sure it would be, but the Register isn't a prosecutor. They are a news agency and their job should be to report facts.


Their job under the First Amendment includes serving as the watchdog on government and that includes police officers and prosecutors who abuse their power/office to advance personal agendas. Possible motive/bias is an important part of any story alleging official wrongdoing.

In any event, I don't think stating that others have suggested the complainant is a girlfriend of a police officer is gossip.


Maybe if the prosecutor or the mayor would actually take a look at the case, the Register wouldn't need to be doing their work for them.


"They are a news agency and their job should be to report facts."

And Matt reported facts - that they had received information to that effect but were as yet unable to corraborate it.

NPR reported that the administration said the missile that downed that airliner came from separatist controlled territory, but didn't present the evidence until later reports. That's the nature of reporting an evolving situation.


You sure don't like the register for the way they exposed those losers on PIB and then kept the heat on them like they should have. I feel the register did a great job, they stuck to this story like a pit bull and got results that never would have otherwise happened.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks The Bizness. You're correct about spreading rumors. In this instance that is a contention raised by hotel personnel and it is a legitimate question for that reason. It appears clear this was a civil matter so questioning the motivations for police involvement is appropriate. The police chief has been asked repeatedly to provide information about the arrests and respond to the allegations that he is directing the police force to harass management and staff at the PIB Resort. It's up to Chief Lampella whether he provides that response. 


Its up to you to investigate the truth no matter what. And if the police chief refuses comment, then talk to people who were there. Just because he won't comment doesn't mean you get to quit doing your job and reporting facts objectively.

And by the way, why don't you removed the comments calling cops D*****Bags. It's offensive and disrespectful to the entire profession.


Calling the PIB cops is offensive to good police everywhere who take pride in their professionalism unlike these Jackboot Thugs.


Not if that's how they're acting. The comments were clearly about those individuals and in no way reflective of the entire profession.


Bizless is a troll and everyone knows it.
Next he will post that the Newspaper should not do investigative reporting but only print what their told by government. Bizless is a loon, no one with common sense would post such ridiculous things and then try to defend them.

As I stated before, I find it refreshing that we have a local paper that INVESTIGATES and reports their findings. Without such a press DeWine would have NEVER done a fraction of what his office did, even though I consider what he has and is doing as a joke and mockery of justice. But at least he was forced to do his job, bad or good, because of the Register.

Licorice Schtick

The imperious behavior of these cops is a pretty big story. Tough to tell both sides of the story when one side won't comment.

Releasing the video WITH AUDIO is an interesting gambit. Ohio is a single-party consent state. Presumably, all employees are aware of and consent to the audio recordings, but that setup will inevitably record conversations between customers, to which no employee is a party.

Wiretapping penalties can be severe, and standards for consent to audio recording vary from state to state. Would love to see a sidebar on the rules for legal audio surveillance in Ohio.


It's private property, the cameras aren't hidden, and there's probably a sign somewhere saying the premises are subject to surveillance - there's implied consent. Otherwise, every resort in Las Vegas would be sued out of existence.

Ralph J.


Ralph J.



Sorry, but it seems to me there's some pretty definitive precedent set when it comes to "I was just following orders" as any kind of a defense...

Licorice Schtick

Godwin once again proved right. We're not exactly talking genocide here.


Yes..but blindly following an unlawful order is still blindly following an unlawful order regardless of the degree and it is a very slippery slope.

Licorice Schtick

True, but has it yet been established with certainty whether there was an order, and if so, whether it was legal?


I suspect that's why the court and prosecutor are stalling. Rather simple to request the records authorizing the arrest and to determine whether probable cause exists to arrest somebody for refusing to speak with the police about a civil matter.

Licorice Schtick

So without excusing the imperious demeanor, would it not be better to wait until we know more before calling 'em brownshirts? Because for all we know, they could just be acting on their own, and following no orders at all. Of course, it makes no real difference, because Godwin is always right, eventually, so why wait?


I think you're the person who made the hyperbolic leap to "brown shirts". I only read a reference to a famous legal precedent in international law concerning following orders.

In any event, the problem seems to be that the court will not make the determination on whether there was an order of arrest and whether the arrest is supported by probable cause. The court also appears to be excusing the Chief's and Mayor's contempt for the rule of law and the court exhibited by their refusal to appear pursuant to lawful order.

Licorice Schtick

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but no hyperbolic leap; we were already there. "Brownshirts" (and Godwin) was just a reference to SamAdams' "I was just following orders" comment which I took as an obvious reference to the Holocaust.

Yes, I think you're correct about what the problem seems to be but I still hold out hope that there's a good reason, which could only be facts known to the investigators but not yet to us.


OK, but what about the video? I can't find any reason that 4 officers needed to come into a business to arrest this woman as not wanting to discuss a civil employment matter is not a crime.

Why were 4 officers sent to this location by dispatch? Further, you can't interfere with official business if there is no official business with which to interfere.

Finally this arrest occurred over 9 months ago and yet the court has allowed the police and prosecutor to drag this MISDEMEANOR case out without a hearing or any evidence that a crime was even committed let alone that probable cause exists to support the arrest.

This is an indictment of not only PIB police but the prosecutor and Municipal court.


should it not be nearing the deadline for speedy trial? That is unless it was waived.


Yes, the speedy trial deadline should have been 90 days. However, discovery requests would toll that limit and as you point out it could have been waived. If it was waived, I'd be really unhappy with my attorney for waiving it, as there is no way the state is going to take this to trial as proven by the fact that the Mayor and Chief won't even show up per a court order.

It would be helpful if the SR would obtain and publish the docket for the still pending cases as I'm really curious why the court did not issue a direct contempt citation for failure to appear to the Mayor and Chief and have them jailed.


And yet another false invocation of Godwin.


Julian, I see what you are saying but there was nothing to call the prosecutor about here. I am hoping the information got distorted somehow between the cops and the prosecutor, otherwise the prosecutor is more incompetent than the cops.


"but if they had orders from the county prosecutor, then they didn't have much of a choice."

That excuse went out the window at Nuremburg.


Putin Bay


Peyton Place


Putin Place


You should consider starting an Ottawa County parody website and trademarking this name.


The prosecutors office has DENIED to the defendants attorneys ever making a statement authorizing the arrest and or detention of ANYONE for not wanting to speak with the police nor for not issuing a paycheck the day after an employee was terminated. Who would you believe the prosecutor or the thugs?

Not a hard one to figure out.


I'm confused by several things and have to wonder if the court isn't in with Mulligan and the police of this obvious "stick up" of a business motivated by other Island "business" interests It's obvious this was a civil matter and that no crime was committed by resort employees. On the other hand Mulligan and the police appear to have committed several crimes, such as falsification and intentional interference with civil rights, and extortion under color of official right.

Firstly, this is supposed to be a criminal case and there was supposed to be a preliminary hearing to determine probable cause and pre-trials not "mediation" which occurs in civil cases. Secondly, failure to appear for a court hearing is a criminal offense and the court should have issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the mayor and police chief. Finally, if there wasn't a preliminary hearing then why hasn't the defense requested a preliminary hearing on probable cause and or filed a motion to dismiss the case for selective prosecution/speedy trial violation and failure to prosecute with hearing where it could enter the video evidence and demand the court rule and dismiss the case.

My guess is Mulligan and the police are desperate to work some deal prior to any hearing on probable cause or dismissal for speedy trial violation/selective prosecution to avoid a large civil suit for malicious prosecution. The defendants need to demand a jury trial and not waive their right to a speedy trial if the court refuses to dismiss this case.

Ralph J.

"On the other hand Mulligan and the police appear to have committed several crimes, such as falsification and intentional interference with civil rights, and extortion under color of official right." Color Of Law. Call in the FEDS!


@ FedupIslander:

If Mulligan were not involved in this case, he would have dismissed the case shortly after it was filed by the police for lack of probable cause. So IMO, Mulligan is lying and manipulating these officers' lack of education and training.

Mulligan's actions (continuing to prosecute the case, not seeking to have the Mayor and Chief held in contempt for failure to appear, not dismissing the case for lack of probable cause, and refusal to answer questions and provide public records to the media) directly contradict what he claims was a denial of involvement to defense counsel. He hasn't filed that denial in court where he would be exposed as lying by the officers, but in fact has acted in a way that supports the police officers' assertion that Mulligan authorized the arrest.

Moreover, take a good look at the actions of these police officers. They are extremely confident (despite lack of training and experience) in what they are doing even getting in the face of an attorney who questions them. That indicates to me they were advised by the prosecutor to arrest people if they did not cooperate with the "investigation" and lack the experience and training to know that the prosecutor's directive is an illegal order.

No, the problem isn't the police officers, but an allegedly corrupt prosecutor, police chief and Mayor who may be taking their marching orders from some competitors of this business or as another suggested, this business isn't paying for "protection". And the worst public actor of all is the County Municipal Court that let's this miscarriage of justice play on.


PIB PD: making the Keystone Cops look like ultimate professionals.


Anyway it's plain to see: The island residents give the police carte blanche so they can drive those pesky tourists off the island.
Don't want 'em. don't need 'em. I know I will stay away after seeing this BS


Referring to Put-InBay cops as legitimate "Law Enforcement" is a stretch. Bunch of part-time, inexperienced cowboys.. Always have been.

Ralph J.

They are wearing Polo shirts.

Perkins Resident

Print these cops names! Let's see who they are!


Agreed, who are these cops and what are their backgrounds besides being _ _ _ _ ! (Fill in blank)

my oh my

Major civil rights violations and the need for several OPOTA certifications to be permamently revoked NOW......

Big Poppy

All the PIB so called cops are wanna be rent a cops trying to make a name for themselves! And as you can see they're making a name of themselves. Go back to the local mall and get your security job back!!

truth network

I was in the hotel lobby just before and while the Cooper lady was arrested. She was giving the cops a huge problem. I heard the cops asking her about a car parked outside by a handicap spot. I also heard the staff talking about how they use golf carts to block in that car on purpose because they were mad from something the night before. I also heard the cops asking about something they had deal with the day before and that Cooper lady kept lying to them. Let's wait until the entire story comes out. Something tells me that we are hearing only the one side of the story. If the police got the ok from the prosecutor from a police station phone, I would imagine it was recorded since police station lines are usually recorded. Seems like this newspaper has an agenda to sell papers.

The Bizness

Shhhh don't you utter that last line!

Matt Westerhold

Thanks truth network,  but it seems obvious only one side of the story is being told: Put-in-Bay police Chief Ric Lampella and county Prosecutor Mark Mulligan are not responding to inquiries.

And yes, the Register wants to sell newspapers like the Ford Motor Co. wants to sell cars. We do that by providing news coverage of issues important to readers and asking public officials questions about those public issues.

Ralph J.

"Put-in-Bay police Chief Ric Lampella and county Prosecutor Mark Mulligan are not responding to inquiries." Maybe they don't want to incriminate themselves? Call in the FEDS!


Matt, because they won't respond to you; and you have to admit your relationship with police has not always been good, they shouldn't be crucified. Your reader who responded and said they were there and there is more to the story, should we discount that.

I rarely agree with you Matt, however I do respect you aggressively standing up for what you perceive to be injustice.


"Matt, because they won't respond to you; and you have to admit your relationship with police has not always been good, they shouldn't be crucified."

What is it the authorities keep telling us? Oh yeah, something about, you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. Seems that should apply both ways.


Wait, the cops can arrest a woman for 'interfering with an investigation' but the same cops HIDE by keeping silent, that sounds about right!

I HATE COPS until they PROVE and EARN my confidence and anyone who gives them cart Blanche are fools. They must be treated no different than a ticking time bomb to see if they are set against criminals or if they are the big explosion to satisfy and feed their own egos. This last week I've made my mind up about not only the PIB cops but also the Mayor and prosecutor.


@ truthnetwork How do you know Cooper was lying to the police?

Also, since when does a prosecutor approve an arrest in our nation? Arrest warrants only issue upon oath before a neutral and detached magistrate or upon a sworn complaint filed in Court. In both cases there has to be sufficient facts to support a finding of probable cause that a crime was committed.

Where and what is the crime?


I'm sorry, you must have took Criminal Justice 101 in college. You must know everything there is to know about law enforcement.

Ralph J.

And what do you know or not know about the law?


Hey Julie are you talking to me because my post was directed to another.


Julian, do you wish to dispute what Babo said? If so, then say so and substantiate your rebuttal with citations. Otherwise, get over yourself.


uhh....everyday. You don't always need a warrant to arrest. If a crime (or in this case a perception of a crime) is committed in your presence or if you have reason to believe a felony is committed you can make an arrest.


In which case you would have to swear a complaint which would be subject to scrutiny for probable cause. GEEZ.


that would be after the arrest ...correct. but the arrest would have already occurred. duh


"Perception of a crime" doesn't cut it. The police officer has to articulate facts that happened in his presence to support arresting a person on a misdemeanor in the complaint filed with the court. The woman refused to speak with the police about a civil matter. That's not a crime. The police had no basis to enter the business and question employees about a civil matter.

Further, if through some wild stretch of law the police argue that this was a misdemeanor criminal investigation; refusing to speak with the police is still not a crime because the state can not criminalize the exercise of a Constitutional right. The employees have a Fifth Amendment right not to speak to police and First Amendment rights not to speak and be left alone.

Arresting somebody for exercising constitutional or statutory rights are crimes under state and federal law. Again, the Municipal Court should have tossed these complaints at the time of filing for lack of probable cause and certainly after defendants argued the arrests were baseless.


Truth, I really hope you are right. I would also make yourself available to testify.

JMOP's picture

Did they take the whole police force ( four of them) to go and question one lady? Seems excessive.

sandtown born a...

Just a blatant show of force! Trying to intimidate them!

JMOP's picture

It could be. That was my first reaction after seeing the video.

I've learned my lesson though. Never believe what you hear and half of what you see.


No matter the circumstances, the police actions were unnecessary and unjustified. Looked more like the gestapo than policemen. Handcuffs on a ONE young lady with FOUR officers there? Really?


How many PIB 'police' officers does it take to change a lightbulb?


The Truth and The Biz have hit the mark! Wouldn't want the PIB police fighting crime in my hometown, BUT WOW, could you imagine trying to keep peace on PIB? Way to go once again Register! The world we live in is corrupt and even sending up the BAT signal probably wont save us because the commissioner has some deal with the Joker. I'd move to the wilderness but there's probably corrupt park rangers there too. Nowhere to run! LOL!

The Bizness

I like this post :)


this is a MAJOR case of police intimidating a witness and thank your lucky stars that they were dumb enough to get it on tape. she wasn't committing a crime as she just asked to discuss the issue in a less public place. She was cooperating fully and this type of 'police aggressiveness' should not be tolerated!


True dat, Agent 811

Ralph J.

Those are police uniforms? More like polo-shirted thugs.


The cart was already ticketed so there was no need to continue any investigation. They found the cart and the owner has committed a violation and ticketed them for it. If they wanted to issue more citations then they should have. Then in court the owners could bring any documentation they needed. This was way overboard and was unnecessary. My opinion is they felt like they were no longer in charge or someone was standing up to them and they flex the long arm of the law and arrested them. I'd really like to see the mayor, chief of police and all officers involved arrested or at the very least sued civilly.


I believe the term in popular use is "contempt of cop"


I am reminded of several years ago when the SR had article after article on Perkins Police and the chief at that time who had things going on in a negative manner on him. Turned out the SR was correct and we all know what happen to that Police Chief.

There has been lots of lots of articles about Sandusky County officials and all the goings on there. It would be pretty much assumed by majority of people there are things going on in Sandusky County that should not be going on.

I don't think the SR is wrong here with regard to PIB. If that is the case then let the officials over there file a law suit and go from there. There are problems in PIB and it may not be just in the police and I am sure its only a matter of time before other state and possibly federal agencies get involved.

Really Ohio Attorney General is not far away working in Sandusky County and Ottawa County and PIB is not that far away to start working there too.


You'll recall the SR really didn't go after Perkins PD and McClung until after the Feds indicted him. Turns out a lot of complaints about him by Dwelle and others, who were harassed for criticizing McClung, were proven true after all. And some of the worst of that bunch avoided any responsibility such as Jenkins who still works for the government and the prominent businessmen conduits of the gun sales, because the Feds left them to the county prosecutor who didn't do anything with the case.

My point is when dealing with law enforcement misconduct or corruption, you can't count on the state AG or local prosecutors to address it. Even the US Attorney does a very limited and contained investigation/prosecution so as not to upset too many people and only after they have the case handed to them on a silver platter by some other agency.

In the case of McClung it was BATF out of Southern Ohio who were able to make a federal case and in the case of the Ottawa County Sheriff Bratton it was the Auditor of State upset about the lack of prosecution by Mulligan and the AG who complained to the US Attorney.

Julie R.

I think it's way past time to put that snake prosecutor Mulligan, along with the mayor and police chief, out to pasture.

he said she said

ok. I have read this article twice and watched the video once. I don't understand what is going on.

Coworkers of an employee getting fired should not know the reason they got fired, just the fact that they no longer are employed. Why are the police after coworkers with this? If the fired employee didn't get their last paycheck, you do not call the police, you call the State Labor Board and they will handle it for you.

Secondly, since when is pleading the fifth against the law? It's in Miranda that you have the right to remain silent.


EXACTLY, and I think if the employer fires someone and then tells others why they can be sued and charged unless the fired employee was brought up on charges. As others have said, this is a civil suit.


I have been to PIB 1 time in my 65 years and don't care if I ever go back. That said I live in sandusky county and want to thank Matt and the Sandusky Register for not giving up on the coverage of local corruption. This is why the press exists, if you do not like what they are doing don't read or buy the paper,and yes they DO want to sell papers it's their product. As a commenter above said you have the right to remain silent.


Hmmm. A potential psychopath on the loose in an island paradise drugging unsuspecting bar patrons, and a laughable police department going rouge on its own citizens...I think this story has national potential! Island Gone Wild? Trouble in Put in Bay?, as the SR headlined recently.


I think you meant "rogue". Then again these guys may use rouge.


LOL, you are right BAB. Rogue!


Sometimes I wonder if there's something in the water supply there. Did someone take Put In Bay seriously?


These rent-a-cops are running around without any supervision over there. Lampella needs to get his head outta his a**.

Ralph J.

"Cooper was arrested on an obstruction charge when she was unable to immediately provide police with golf cart vendor contracts for a police investigation of a parking violation."
Legal definition of immediately, RIGHT NOW! RIGHT THIS SECOND!
Some people should not be cops. No patience.
I WANT IT NOW! These thugs should not be in LE. They have no patience and would shoot first and then ask questions later.

Ralph J.

Possible scenario of impatient PIB police. "Let me see your ID RIGHT NOW!" After 5 second delay, PIB police use excessive force because of a 5 second delay in showing an ID. Could be worse. PIB police could be trigger happy because victim was reaching for wallet that PIB police mistook for gun. "Gun! Shoot him!" And you can bet that it would be covered up.

Ralph J.

"Scarpelli told PIB Resort officials months ago she would conduct an independent investigation."
Independent Investigation? Call DeWine? Scarpelli and Lampela?
Are those two Italian names?

Ralph J.
Ralph J.

Can you imagine Cedar Point Police behaving this way? I liked DickTracey's comment about PIB. "The Mayor and Police Chief will start answering when the tourism comes to a halt!
When the numbers start dropping the "powers that be" will speak! And they have way more power than those two put together. That's who really runs the island. The Mayor and Police chief are just props."


You got it - money talks

Ralph J.

Did somebody get behind in paying their "protection" money?

Ralph J.

Ric Lampela and a Police Lt. Brad Lampela? Must be a family affair over on PIB. What ever brought the Lampelas from Ashtabula to PIB?


These Rent A Cops need to go back to school.

Mr. D

Bachlorets And Brothers Race Amazingly To Hell's Boarding House, Bodega And Golf Cart Emporium Surviving The Talents Of Rainbow Squad At The tv show this fall.....


@ Truth Network.

You made claims to Matt that the manager lied and gave them all kinds of sh*t. You made some strong assumptions without a shred of proof or even information.

WERE STILL WAITING for your details or did you lie?


If "Giving them S***" as he stated is requesting a subpoena or warrant for documents containing confidential guest information then yes she did. Amazes me the clowns to defend these thugs. If this happened in mainland life these officers would be struggling to find a position as a mall cop.