Perkins High School graduate serves country
10:45 AM Oct 22, 2014
Joe Hoyt explores World War II wrecks, the Union's "Monitor" and Great Lakes wrecks
11:46 AM Oct 4, 2014
Jeannie Vanasco has written for The New Yorker and other prestigious magazines
6:36 AM Sep 4, 2014
Bay View native, Cherese Weaver shares where her life has taken her since leaving the Buckeye State.
12:00 PM Aug 13, 2014
Local artist, author travels and creates treasures based on experiences
6:00 PM Jul 19, 2014
Former Sandusky heavy metal musician marries the power chord to spiritual insight
10:30 AM Feb 24, 2014
Brad Miller is witness to history in bloody country
10:46 AM Feb 21, 2014
Alex Rupert isn’t afraid to admit his artwork is a little extreme.
6:06 PM Nov 16, 2013
Scientist turns outdoors interest into career.
6:42 PM Nov 7, 2013
As a child, Tricia Kaman’s ideal trip to Cedar Point was a little atypical.
6:51 PM Oct 28, 2013


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