8:08 AM Aug 26, 2014
Ottawa County prosecutor's office incorrectly cites state law; refuses to release public records on bad arrests
11:00 AM Aug 24, 2014
Woman claims PIB police 'knocked her down' after she called for assistance
12:15 PM Aug 18, 2014
Put-in-Bay officers skip the particulars about who gets handcuffed
10:10 PM Aug 14, 2014
Island police chief wanted Korossy promoted; Village Council votes to cut his pay and make him part time
9:51 AM Aug 12, 2014
Village Council refuses chief's request to promote PIB police Sgt. Steve Korossy
3:32 PM Aug 6, 2014
State rep. plans town hall meeting on Put-in-Bay at 10 a.m. Saturday
2:30 PM Aug 5, 2014
Ottawa County prosecutor refuses to confirm or deny involvement in alleged false arrests made for PIB cop's girlfriend
10:05 PM Jul 31, 2014
Police Chief: I'm thrilled
12:00 PM Aug 1, 2014
Put-in-Bay Village Council plans deeper look at police department; critics fear whitewash
12:00 AM Jul 31, 2014

Dear Editor,

I suggest you change the name of your "New Ottawa County Register" to the  "New Put-in- Bay Register."

Your daily negative front page drum beat of South Bass Island issues needs to be reviewed.

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