Hello all!

Yet another week has come and gone, and if the weather would cooperate, I would be spending more time exercising outside.

11:11 AM Apr 3, 2015
From comedy to music, magic and more, there's something for everyone.
9:09 AM Apr 3, 2015
Eli will have to grow past puberty before his nasal passageways can be rebuilt surgically
9:00 AM Apr 3, 2015
Respect Campaign, in its first year, aims to teach students the importance of respecting adults, each other and themselves
8:30 AM Apr 3, 2015
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7:29 AM Apr 3, 2015
Big nutritional selling point is the amount of vitamin K packed into this little veggie
6:54 AM Apr 3, 2015
For Friday, April 3
6:00 AM Apr 3, 2015
Friday, April 3
6:00 AM Apr 3, 2015
Move is direct public challenge to national organization's ban on openly gay adult members
6:00 AM Apr 3, 2015
Fake $100s passed at businesses in Sandusky, Huron Township and Perkins Township
5:15 AM Apr 3, 2015
Children get the opportunity to see the Easter Bunny at the Sandusky Mall
11:00 PM Apr 2, 2015
Leone calls out Register during Q&A; doesn't like its reporting but can't say why
10:35 PM Apr 2, 2015
Attorney: Officer fabricated evidence; man arrested without probable cause
9:30 PM Apr 2, 2015
He is being held on a $55,030 bond
9:00 PM Apr 2, 2015
Officer reprimanded after he pleaded no contest disorderly conduct charges
8:30 PM Apr 2, 2015
Official says investigators have identified body parts from all 150 people aboard plane
8:00 PM Apr 2, 2015