Group educates locals about challenges nuclear plants face
5:00 PM Feb 6, 2015
Orders will be available for pickup in April
4:45 PM Feb 6, 2015

I was disappointed to read that our Sandusky Transit System may be discontinued ("End of the line?" Jan. 25). I am a disabled senior, age 78, who depends on it. It is a valuable asset to our citizens and our community. Many of us no longer drive and we really need it.

4:45 PM Feb 6, 2015
Current contract expires later this year; workers concerned about concessions, whether auto plant can remain open
4:39 PM Feb 6, 2015

Sunday’s snowfall left my 88-year-old mother, who has a serious heart condition, in a lurch.

She lives alone in a house on a tall hill in Perkins Township, surrounded by younger, able-bodied neighbors with snow blowers.

4:27 PM Feb 6, 2015
ElderCollege and Ability Works treated to free show
4:13 PM Feb 6, 2015
Deadline is Feb. 15 to buy health insurance at
4:00 PM Feb 6, 2015
OSU students graduate, make honor roll
4:00 PM Feb 6, 2015

Is a crude bottom forming?

Despite countless stories of lower earnings, strikes, layoffs and bankruptcies throughout the oil industry, a growing group of adventuresome speculators have been quietly buying crude oil as it dipped below $48 per barrel this week.

4:00 PM Feb 6, 2015
Mayor D. Michael Collins crashed into a utility pole Sunday afternoon after his heart stopped beating
3:45 PM Feb 6, 2015
One summons, three warrants issued for subjects
3:00 PM Feb 6, 2015
Former Perkins Township trustee, clerk dead at 97
3:00 PM Feb 6, 2015

Are you looking for a break in your busy lives? Please join us for a time of prayer this Sunday, at 9:30am.

2:30 PM Feb 6, 2015

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending Feb. 1, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties:

2:02 PM Feb 6, 2015

Gary L. Karr, 61, of Oak Harbor, died Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, in his home. Arrangements are pending at Crosser Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Oak Harbor.

1:50 PM Feb 6, 2015