Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities workers help clients reach life aspirations with new program
10:27 AM Sep 28, 2014
Sandusky city commissioners OK tax break given to Sortino family
9:09 AM Sep 28, 2014
First black attorney general praised as ally in fight for justice
9:00 AM Sep 28, 2014

We're always suspect when a public official forces an employee to resign or be fired.

It happens, we know, and when both parties reach an understanding that it's time for them to part ways, a separation agreement can be a legitimate path toward resolving a workplace conflict.

8:10 AM Sep 28, 2014
Flowers, personal items on or near graves must be picked up before then or else risk these items being thrown away
8:01 AM Sep 28, 2014
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7:37 AM Sep 28, 2014
Surrounding the recent domestic violence controversy in the NFL, there is a national epidemic to prevent abuse from occurring.
5:40 AM Sep 28, 2014
Proceeds benefit Chris Perrin Special Scholarship Fund
5:24 AM Sep 28, 2014
Buckeyes eventually pull away in wild back-and-forth game vs. Cincinnati
12:15 AM Sep 28, 2014
New London wins boys race
11:19 PM Sep 27, 2014
Final show 2 p.m. Sunday
10:00 PM Sep 27, 2014

Ohio’s white-tailed bucks have all three things that are needed to grow large antlers: good genetics, adequate nutrition and age.

9:14 PM Sep 27, 2014
Seven missing, 40 injured as mountain climbers caught by surprise
8:00 PM Sep 27, 2014
Stock up on a variety of oils
7:45 PM Sep 27, 2014
Ahead of St. Paul rematch, Monroeville falls to unbeaten Panthers
7:19 PM Sep 27, 2014