SANDUSKY Don't try this at home. Catapulted from a 10-foot ramp, a biker flies
SANDUSKY The "cowboy cop' has ridden off into the sunset. Perkins police
SANDUSKY Todd Hultzman of the Verdin Company, Cincinnati, attaches new hands to the northern
SANDUSKY You don't know unless you try. That's been the motto for Third S
BERLIN HEIGHTS They're finally seeing the fruits of their labor. Two area
SANDUSKY Instead of packing a punch, the newest member of the Sandusky police force packs a bite.
HURON Two 17-foot canoes glided toward each other along the brown, muddy water of the
PERKINS TWP. Can't make it to the coast to cruise the waves this year? The newest att
PORT CLINTON For decades, a hay wagon and a tiny windmill hid beneath the murk of 100 years of dust
SANDUSKY Funding for a new YMCA facility is off to a healthy start. Joining with Fire
SANDUSKY For two years Matthew and Bonnie Crisp stayed together throughout the proceedings in their
NORWALK Fran Houghtlen's backyard is a kaleidoscope of colors. The retired Norwalk wo
SANDUSKY In her 33 years as a humane officer, dog warden Barb Knapp said she's seen only a few dogs
Story by Andrew List Although Flat Rock consists of only a few roads on the map, there is no lack of variety within i
School boards have struggled in an uphill battle in past years to explain to communities why levies are needed and where revenue is
VERMILION About 60 feet below the surface of Lake Erie, two large paddlewheels rise upward from the
SANDUSKY For a moment, 6-year-old Owen Helmkamp became a captain. After boarding his