OK, getting our new Greek language edition produced remains a work in progress.

But it is true that one of my articles is now available in Greek.

9:30 AM Jun 8, 2015
Number of U.S. wineries increases from 2,000 in 2000 to 8,000 today
9:00 AM Jun 8, 2015

Featuring Guest Speaker Chandra Holman

8:45 AM Jun 8, 2015

Imagine Norwalk is an apt name. 

The Friday evening summer-long gatherings in downtown Norwalk are designed to do exactly that — imagine Norwalk's downtown business district bustling and busy with activities, attractions, music and fun. 

7:30 AM Jun 8, 2015
Get History every day in the Regiser
7:30 AM Jun 8, 2015


Ohio Bike Week means business.

The cash register at Glass N More Store started to ring Wednesday as vendors showed up in downtown Sandusky to begin setting up for Bike Week.

6:09 AM Jun 8, 2015
Monday, June 8
6:00 AM Jun 8, 2015
Change attributed to expanded access to effective contraceptives, shift in societal attitudes
6:00 AM Jun 8, 2015
Through injuries and poor shooting, Cleveland steals Game 2 in overtime
12:35 AM Jun 8, 2015
Monday, June 8
12:01 AM Jun 8, 2015
Men cut hole out of back of their adjoining cells, exited thorugh tunnels
8:00 PM Jun 7, 2015

Donna Green
Ohio State University Extension
Family & Consumer Sciences Educator

7:35 PM Jun 7, 2015
Sunday ceremony at Ohio Veterans Home honors Army veteran Charles Berstling by presenting him with six medals and awards he never received
7:00 PM Jun 7, 2015
Sabah deputy chief minister blames tragedy on group of 10 foreigners who "showed disrespect to the sacred mountain" by posing naked at peak last week
6:00 PM Jun 7, 2015