OAK HARBOR Even though I've lived in the area for about a year and a half and have traveled to
SANDUSKY The front door was locked, chairs were balanced atop tables and half a dozen employees quie
HURON It towered over the city of Huron for more than 60 years. It took just a few se
SANDUSKY As the leaves change colors and the days grow shorter, Cedar Point is making a transformati
Hundreds of law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMTs gathered Friday in Fremont to pay respects to Sandusky County Sheriff Da
NORWALK Hurricane Gustav didn't live up to the hype. Expected to be the "mother
LAKESIDE MARBLEHEAD In case you couldn't guess what Carole Vukmer does for a living, her licen
NORWALK The doggie paddle never goes out of style. Like most things, it gets better with age.
KELLEYS ISLAND The first time I heard the name Kelleys Island Country Club, I had a mental image in
Area growers are praying for a soaking rain to ensure this fall's harvest is bountiful. Dan Bergman, owner Bergman Or
SANDUSKY The judge made certain a convicted child rapist will remain behind bars. Tho
SANDUSKY Mary Lou McKillips hates heights. But that didn't stop the great-grand
A 46-year-old woman was injured in a rollover accident on the Cedar Point Causeway Tuesday night. Teresa Wooten of Sa
SANDUSKY Melissa Campese should have been on a Greyhound bus bound for Utica, N.Y., Wednesday mornin
BELLEVUE A Bellevue family is without a home after fire swept through their century-old residence Tu
BELLEVUE Fire destroyed a home at 114 Lawrence Ave. this morning. Residents were not
NORWALK The writing was on the bathroom wall. Bob Zinn knew something was wrong, give