12:01 PM Sep 1, 2014
Accused of issuing certificates to people without proper training
11:13 AM Sep 1, 2014

"Disagreement is part of being a person who has choices. One of  those choices is to respect others and engage in intelligent conversation about differences of opinion without becoming enemies, eventually allowing us to move forward to compromise." - Ben Carson

9:42 AM Sep 1, 2014
Sympathy sees and says, “I’m sorry” Compassion sees and says, “I’ll help” — Unknown

•If you would like to brighten the lives of children - volunteers are needed to read to children on Sept. 10.

9:23 AM Sep 1, 2014
Most Americans realize that Labor Day is about celebrating workers and their contribution to our free society, but that won’t stop union bosses from stealing the spotlight to push their own agenda.
9:00 AM Sep 1, 2014
Data centers lured to Northeast Ohio by cheap power, abundance of fiber-optic cable
8:34 AM Sep 1, 2014

I was disappointed to read Dan McGookey’s recent column in the Sandusky Register on the subject of reverse mortgages. (“Avoid reverse mortgages: Alice’s story” Register, Aug. 21, 2014).

8:15 AM Sep 1, 2014
10th Annual event held in Port Clinton
7:29 AM Sep 1, 2014
Get History every day in the Register
7:02 AM Sep 1, 2014
There is a new epidemic in town.
Not just in our town, but in all communities throughout the U.S. Its name is Financial Elder Abuse.
6:00 AM Sep 1, 2014
Industry fights stereotypes, harassment that keep women out of workforce
4:45 AM Sep 1, 2014
It is the end of the summer. It is the time of year when goldenrod bursts into an irresistible profusion of tiny yellow flowers clustered on individual, unbranched leafy stems. In Ohio, the show continues through October.
12:01 AM Sep 1, 2014


I was in the middle of slobbery, drooling dog love on Wednesday when I worked at The Chelsea Dog LLC. I was so happy, it makes for good therapy.

11:28 PM Aug 31, 2014
But Norwalk has fixed its algal bloom problem
9:07 PM Aug 31, 2014

So far, according to the World Wide Web’s Officer Down Memorial Page, 67 police officers have died in the line of duty in 2014.

9:00 PM Aug 31, 2014
Crossing in Berlin Township blocked for several hours
8:00 PM Aug 31, 2014
U.S., Australia, France and Britain drop food, water