SANDUSKY A house next to the Sandusky Library was razed Wednesday to clear the way for a reading gar
SANDUSKY Black Tie Dance Studio instructors helped St. Mary Central Catholic students swing into Hom
SANDUSKY Looking for a way to alleviate pain at the pump but can't afford a hybrid? I
MILAN Andrew Metz spent six months preparing for his Air Force basic training, working out and keepi
SANDUSKY If you have an answer, Drew Scheeler has a question. The 17-year-old Sandusk
SANDUSKY Local families enjoyed beautiful weather and fun activities with ghosts and goblins at the
SANDUSKY Alyssa Bambach, a student at Ontario School in Sandusky, submitted the winning name, "
SANDUSKY Local schools prefer fresh fruits and vegetables Local school districts are
SANDUSKY Several hundred of the nation's best vocalists willserenade Sandusky with their sweetest tu
SANDUSKY Mike Gebelle, 85, rolls out of bed in the morning, brews a pot of coffee, watches the news
SANDUSKY Some 16 million Americans served in the Second World War, but hundreds are disappearing dai
SANDUSKY Matt Roark probably won't be waxing nostalgic about a hair-removal scene on America's Funni
SANDUSKY NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick is driving laps in his No. 29 Chevy Impala Monday at the Sandus
SANDUSKY James Gallagher III had a close call in 1998. He was up at 4 a.m., in his ba
SANDUSKY June 2, 2007, was a proud moment for recreational paddlers in the area. That
SANDUSKY Carts raced down aisles and food products flew off shelves to the sound of a cheering audie
SANDUSKY More than eight decades ago the Sandusky Theatre was just a twinkle in its founder's eye.