Doctors will try to wean woman off anti-rejection drugs she has been taking since face transplant
1:00 PM Mar 11, 2015
Officials to release schedule in the near future
12:34 PM Mar 11, 2015
Jan 10, 1934 - Mar 10, 2015

Jesse Hagy passed away in his home Tuesday, March 10, 2015, surrounded by his children.

12:20 PM Mar 11, 2015
Oak Harbor student met with state officials, conveyed importance of learning practical skills in school
12:15 PM Mar 11, 2015
I noticed the restaurant that was with Taco Bell by Walmart has closed, and there is construction going on in the building. Are they adding another restaurant? Eric in Sandusky
12:00 PM Mar 11, 2015

This was another great week!

I am seeing progress and it makes me want to work harder!

I haven't wore much lately other than scrubs for work and workout clothes. 

11:14 AM Mar 11, 2015
Updates every 2 seconds
10:05 AM Mar 11, 2015
Students make green eggs, participate in Dr. Seuss themed activities
9:45 AM Mar 11, 2015
Officer is still on duty
9:05 AM Mar 11, 2015
Companies will be required to better inform borrowers about repayment options and notify them when they are delinquent
9:00 AM Mar 11, 2015
3-D printing aims to rewrite the script on cooking and tech
8:31 AM Mar 11, 2015
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7:34 AM Mar 11, 2015
Work to begin this month
7:00 AM Mar 11, 2015
for Wednesday, March 11
6:06 AM Mar 11, 2015