Jan. 16, 1948-July 9, 2015
4:25 PM Jul 10, 2015
Health officials issue warnings
4:10 PM Jul 10, 2015
Greece heads back to the negotiating table, copper melts down, and corn keeps popping
4:00 PM Jul 10, 2015
Ohio scholars tackling ways to fight harmful algal blooms
3:21 PM Jul 10, 2015
Judge tosses charges against Clyde super due to lack of evidence; police, prosecutors go bust at trial
1:30 PM Jul 10, 2015
dec. July 10, 2015
1:10 PM Jul 10, 2015
The names of former police officers who served Sandusky are located on bricks in one of our beautiful memorial parks. The problem is that no one has been taking care of them, and it has gotten so bad that you can hardly read their names. The letters need repainted. Isn't there someone someone or group to repaint the letters of their name? Are we honoring them to let their names fade away. Marge from Castalia.
12:00 PM Jul 10, 2015
for Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties
12:00 PM Jul 10, 2015

Hi everyone,

Well, this is my final FIT blog.

I'm going to miss sharing my journey with those of you that actually read these ... lol!  

11:17 AM Jul 10, 2015

Join us for a fun family event. We will be learning about biodiversity in the Estuary.

9:57 AM Jul 10, 2015
Dozens of witnesses interviewed and re-interviewed in the mysterious death in a compactor 15 years ago
9:30 AM Jul 10, 2015
Perry St. shooting suspect pistol-whipped man, shoved gun in woman's mouth, forced woman to assault other hostages.
8:55 AM Jul 10, 2015
Erie County water customers could get soaked with more rate increases to fix damaged rural pipeline
8:00 AM Jul 10, 2015