Stress, happiness, unhappiness, depression. These are all first-world problems.  They are all perceptions. 

12:37 PM Nov 7, 2014

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending Nov. 1, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties.

12:12 PM Nov 7, 2014
Wellington Ennis said Redfern avoided him when he grew privy to chairman's tactics
12:00 PM Nov 7, 2014
If my memory serves me correctly, I recall there being a beach at Lions Park some decades ago. What happened to the beach? Andrew on 48th Street
12:00 PM Nov 7, 2014
Raking leaves and moving stone
11:31 AM Nov 7, 2014
Ferndock Brewing and Platform Brewing Co. introducing Sandusky Pale Ale in Cleveland.
11:03 AM Nov 7, 2014
Clyde-Green Springs Schools investigates two district administrators, issues statement about their potentially improper relationship
10:55 AM Nov 7, 2014
CoCoBeanOs frontman died Sunday in car crash near Avon. Send your memories and photos of Gast for an upcoming tribute page.
10:30 AM Nov 7, 2014
Surprisingly, she's not clueless about healthy eating
10:14 AM Nov 7, 2014

Looking for a way to stay warm this fall season?

Try running.

Sure, the first half mile might be chilly, but once you get the blood flowing you might be surprised when you shed that hooded sweatshirt. 

9:53 AM Nov 7, 2014
Dozens of victim's family members attend hearing
9:45 AM Nov 7, 2014

There is a saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Having read a full-page newspaper ad by Windlab regarding all the good things about wind turbines, I had to ask myself a few questions:

1. Is there no downside to the wind turbines?

9:29 AM Nov 7, 2014
Longtime Sandusky Central Catholic School junior high athletic director inducted into Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame on Thursday
9:25 AM Nov 7, 2014

Caryl Crane Youth Theatre & Precision Body and Frame
Proudly present
I’m Dreaming of a BROADWAY Christmas

9:02 AM Nov 7, 2014
Historian spent more than 25 years researching First Lt. Alonzo H. Cushing
9:00 AM Nov 7, 2014
Browns move into 1st with 24-3 win over Bengals
8:42 AM Nov 7, 2014
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7:30 AM Nov 7, 2014