Reader seeks answers on who pays taxes to Sandusky
12:00 PM Oct 2, 2014
Sandusky resident cultivates once-barren land into community garden
12:00 PM Oct 2, 2014
What is going on next to Erie Community Federal Credit Union on U.S. 250 by the Sandusky Mall? The old blue building has been removed, and it appears something is being built on the site. Jeff in Perkins Township
12:00 PM Oct 2, 2014
Why are the street lights on Jackson Street near the Rieger and Sandusky Register buildings not working? Is this a problem throughout downtown or just in this area? And when will the lights be turned back on? Karen in Sandusky
12:00 PM Oct 2, 2014

My hat goes off to the Jackson sisters, who bravely fought the discrimination acts against them, at all institutions, where education and life learning experiences, should be derived, not deprived.

11:49 AM Oct 2, 2014


10:38 AM Oct 2, 2014
Part canoe, part sailboat
10:27 AM Oct 2, 2014
Oct 2, 2014

Connie Sue Meade, 66 of Canton, Ga., died Oct. 2, 2014.

Born in Steubenvillle, Ohio, she was the daughter of Vernon and Elsie Snyder.

She was predeceased by her parents.

10:26 AM Oct 2, 2014
Sandusky home transformed into spooky scene for Halloween
9:45 AM Oct 2, 2014

It’s hard not to see it. 

It is that time of year when fruit and vegetable stands and produce isles in area grocery stores are starting to stock up on luscious colored orange pumpkins. 

9:43 AM Oct 2, 2014
A savory pear tart that can be a brunch or dessert
9:21 AM Oct 2, 2014

Sandusky city commissioner Naomi Twine joined Mayor Dennis Murray Jr., city manager Eric Wobser a

9:18 AM Oct 2, 2014
Parade down Decatur Street part of Sandusky homecoming week
9:03 AM Oct 2, 2014
Firefighter, Cedar Point general manager and others featured in commercials supporting city of Sandusky's Issue 8 tax vote
9:00 AM Oct 2, 2014
Girlfriend, who was on phone with victim, heard him say 'it's not real' immediately before gunshots
9:00 AM Oct 2, 2014
Sandusky Central Catholic homecoming
8:55 AM Oct 2, 2014