Initial environmental assessment to occur sometime in near future
12:40 PM Aug 31, 2015
Ohio lawmakers unhappy with name change
12:24 PM Aug 31, 2015
State funds to improve east end neighborhoods
12:09 PM Aug 31, 2015
When will the Columbus Avenue road construction be completed? The crews took all of their equipment from the site two weeks ago and have not returned. The road is only partially finished. Cory from Sandusky
12:00 PM Aug 31, 2015
Recapping answers from the past week's questions
11:57 AM Aug 31, 2015
dec. Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015
11:25 AM Aug 31, 2015
City, Don Icsman agree to part ways in February, ending 18-year relationship
11:23 AM Aug 31, 2015
I agree with some of his points
11:14 AM Aug 31, 2015
Local musician honored almost a year after death
10:19 AM Aug 31, 2015
Birds also a familiar feature at other local buildings
10:10 AM Aug 31, 2015
Wrecking ball to meet 12 condemned residential structures by year's end
9:33 AM Aug 31, 2015
UPDATED WITH RESULTS: First event at Sandusky fire station 1 has a good turn out and one runner in turnout gear
9:03 AM Aug 31, 2015
Local airport boasts redone runway, expanded parking, among other features
8:51 AM Aug 31, 2015
Download the forms here and bring them to the first meet up in Erie or Huron counties on Tuesday. The program is FREE.
8:43 AM Aug 31, 2015
Car struck a concrete barrier and overturned several times
7:40 AM Aug 31, 2015