Huron teacher/football coach spoke during Tuesday's meeting.
Huron resident spoke during Tuesday's meeting.
Wife of board member spoke during Tuesday's meeting.
Kalahari Resorts CEO spoke at Tuesday's meeting.
Shawnee elementary principal addressed the board during Tuesday's meeting.
Huron resident addressed the board during Tuesday's meeting.
Huron resident Ed Noftz addressed the board during Tuesday's meeting.
Teammates practice at the Fremont Rec Center. The high school club hockey team plays in the North Coast High School Hockey League and finished second last season.

What a heartwarming sight it was earlier this week when several students from the Sandusky Middle School and Margaretta Elementary School gave pie to their teachers with many of their students watching the "giving" nature of their classmates.

See how excited this week's dog is to be on the program with Tom Jackson and deputy dog warden Shelly Graves.
Tom Jackson and Amy Wieber will tell you all you need to know about two cats available for adoption.
About 200 district residents turned out Wednesday to weigh in on the difficult choices ahead if tax levies fail.
UPDATED WITH VIDEO Witnesses said a man masked man who robbed the Perkins Convenient Mart late Friday fired off three rounds from a handgun as he fled from the store in the 1900 block of East Perkins Avenue.
Donna Hansen was arraigned on charges of having a loose and unlicensed dog in court by Judge Erich O'Brien.
(UPDATED WITH PROTEST VIDEO) Police chief getting nasty emails from people upset about officer shooting dog