6:03 PM Nov 21, 2011
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) The Sandusky Choral Society is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.
3:15 PM Nov 21, 2011
With hunting season in full swing and deer-gun season ready to kick off next week, the Erie County Conservation League has been busy.
8:00 AM Nov 21, 2011
Electric personalities are drawn to Sandusky's Creative Teaching. Co-owner David Wobser is proud of the unique education-related items he stocks at Creating Teaching and is quick to suggest his favorites.
1:00 PM Nov 19, 2011
About 100 junior high girls from five local schools got to rub elbows with NASA engineers Friday during a science and engineering conference at BGSU Firelands.
11:02 AM Nov 19, 2011
Several Sandusky homeowners may have to wait another month before learning if they can continue renting out their homes to tourists.
10:47 AM Nov 19, 2011
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO ) Groton and Margaretta Township firefighters have knocked out a fire that erupted Thursday afternoon at 11302 Dining Road in Groton Township.
10:30 AM Nov 18, 2011
For years, Denny and Barb Wetzel rarely heard good reports from school about their son Jonathan.
11:00 AM Nov 14, 2011
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) A troublesome train shooting sparks from its wheels caused a series of field fires - and one structure fire - along a stretch of railroad tracks in Sandusky County, firefighters said.
10:53 AM Nov 14, 2011
Flowing syrups, chocolate chips and fruit chunks make Toft's Ice Cream Division the place of a child's dream.
5:00 AM Nov 12, 2011
When many students think about heroes, they picture Marvel Comics characters like Superman, Spiderman or the Fantastic Four.
9:44 AM Nov 11, 2011
An Erie County jury has found Denarea Swain, 25, of Sandusky, not guilty of attempted murder in a decision handed down late Wednesday afternoon.
5:00 AM Nov 11, 2011
A former Huron resident says he's been trying for years to get city officials to upgrade facilities to meet ADA standards, but they still haven't completed the task.
12:22 PM Nov 9, 2011
(UPDATED 1:30 a.m.) Unofficial results show Erie County voters soundly supported a 0.2-mill renewal levy to help fund the health department's services and programs.
12:21 PM Nov 9, 2011
(UPDATED 1 a.m.) Bellevue voters approved a 1-mill replacement levy for the city's recreation department.
10:44 AM Nov 9, 2011
Say what you will about Tuesday's election, but never say it failed to attract a crowd.
2:09 PM Nov 7, 2011
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Len Johnson had no grandchildren -- until he met 12-year-old Robert Jagel.
5:00 AM Nov 5, 2011
Fire officials are still looking for the cause of a fire that started Tuesday evening at a truck-repair shop in Monroeville.